Dinner in space has never looked so good! Step aside, NASA food rations—new "Plated not Crated" mod promises a gastronomically pleasing adventure in the Starfield game.

Starfield Food Mod Declares War on Plastic and Wins

Ahoy there, fellow gamers! I’m sure we can all agree on one thing: video game food either makes our mouths water or our stomachs churn. But behold—a new Starfield mod is here to tease our virtual taste buds and food aesthetics.

Spotted originally by the tenacious taste testers over at PC Gamer, the Starfield mod charmingly named "Plated not Crated" graces us with a much-needed touch of gourmet presentation. It proudly displays our meticulously crafted game cuisines—from meatloaf to cinnamon rolls—on swanky dinner plates instead of nondescript, dull plastic containers. You might be thinking, "But wait, in space any uncrated food will just zoom off in the zero-gravity, right?" Well, who's hungry for a lesson in video game physics?

Sure, our space mavens are probably raising their eyebrows at this whiff of gastronomic revolution. Truth be told, in the real world we do need those containers to keep our galactic grub from performing a solo floating ballet routine. But hey, who's complaining? If game characters can down med-kits in the middle of a firefight without choking, they can surely handle a loose taco in zero-g, right? And let's be honest, Starfield’s portrayal of Earth as a desolate, uninhabited wasteland in the future already packs enough reality punch. Who needs more realism?

In the words of the philosophical foodie and mod author, Tank_girl444, "A mod you didn't know you need until you see it". Apparently, all this time we've been guzzling down meals along with those plastic containers. Mon Dieu! Unless digesting plastic is part of the 2330 colon health care plan—which honestly sounds less appetizing than a week-old fish taco—our characters' intestines must be a mess.

In the grand scheme of things, this aesthetic upgrade may not seem like groundbreaking work. But who wants to consume food straight out of a dull tupperware, even in a video game? This mod brings that homely vibe and authenticity back to our meals, adding a dimension of enjoyment beyond fueling our HP bars. Just because space is all cold, dark, and vacuumy doesn't mean our in-game meals have to reflect that. Food is a celebration, even if that means shedding some space authenticity for gourmet presentation. So, throw away those plastic boxes and let's dine in style. Take that, NASA food pouches!

I decided to hop onto this mod and was amazed at how the sight of plated food, in all its virtual gourmet glory, instantly upped my camp spirit. Sitting by the campfire on an alien planet, trash-talking with my crew over a perfectly plated taco? Now, that's the future we signed up for!

Here's a little nugget for you - I'd readily trade a handful of space authenticity to devour a well-presented in-game meal any day. After all, who wants to eat out of a plastic tub when you could chow down on that same meal looking like it just rolled out of a 5-star kitchen?

Close your eyes and imagine hovering in zero-G, trying to chase down that runaway piece of taco. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound like a fun gaming adventure! For me, hands down, Plated not Crated is one of the best Starfield mods out there. So dear space explorers, go forth, and turn your spaceship into a gourmet haven. With this mod, you’re not just saving galaxies, but also saving your virtual culinary experiences from the tyranny of functional plastic containers. And remember, good food deserves good presentation, even if it risks flying off in zero-G. Happy gaming, and bon appétit!

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