Get to grips with Lies of P's biggest game-changer: the Perfection Grindstone. An epic win or a cheeky cheat code? You decide.

Lies of P's Cheating Mechanism: The Perfection Grindstone

There's a secretly enchanted little nugget in the fantastical world of 'Lies of P' that seems to have taken the wooden spoon for causing a whirlwind of controversy. This little bugger goes by the name of "Perfection Grindstone". Picture a game-changing gadget that sounds a lot like an automatic washing machine for souls. In reality, this unassuming grindstone actually auto-parries! Now, that's a lot like saying your pet canines can do all your taxes; incredibly helpful, slightly alarming, and definitely a cheat code in the canine world.

For those who've just dropped in from Martian caves, 'Lies of P' has a weapon durability mechanism. This geological creativity allows for random rocks to upgrade your weapon. This includes adding a sizzle of elemental damage, upping your crit chance, or attaching status effects to your counterblows. But there's one boss-level stone standing head and shoulders above the others - no prizes for guessing, it's our cheeky little Perfection Grindstone.

This grindstone is more like a cosmic shield disguised as a stone. It deflects all incoming attacks, leaving enemies deflated while ruffling the main character's feathers less and less. The only catch? It's as temporary as an ice cream on a hot summer day. But worry not. Certain upgrades on the main character's Quartz skill tree can add an extra charge, transforming those flitting seconds of invulnerability into an extended holiday of fearlessness.

This master cheat serves its cheating capabilities on a silver platter. Picture walking straight into an action sequence in immunity mode. Now, that's just teasing trouble! When health dives low, the Perfection Grindstone swoops in to the rescue. It's the Superman of this virtual world – minus the cape. Pop open the Grindstone, and our hero becomes invincible. Momentarily, at least.

This game-changer helped me bag the final boss on my first go. Can you believe it? First time! It was like eating a mission-accomplishing pie. Gosh, it felt good. And to some extent, I felt like I was in Monster Hunter World handling the Rocksteady, Evasion, and Temporal Mantles. There's an exclusive club for those who relate.

Testing this god-like item in the game is like experiencing the thrill of sneaking out of bed for a midnight snack without waking anyone up. Play with it and let me know – does it feel like cheating in a good way or not? Maybe you too will join the ranks of "I played Soulslikes, and Lies of P wins the trophy". Till then, happy gaming or should I say, happy cheating!

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