A Starfield modder has successfully revived a hidden feature of the game, enabling users to construct functioning outposts in space, sparking discussions on potential DLCs.

Modder Unearths Overlooked Space Station Feature in Starfield

A creative modder has added a new dimension to the popular video game, Starfield. The mod allows players to build their own space stations, taking the fantastical notion of space travel and exploration one step further. The added feature means players can now experience the enthralling sensation of actually living on a personally created outpost in the hassle-free weightlessness of outer space.

The innovatively constructed mod, named 'Spacestations For Outposts’, breathes new life into the game's previously overlooked and defunct space station outpost code. Just like the settlements in Fallout 4, players can now assemble their very own miniature outpost bases on orbiting space stations. These outposts offer the opportunity to mine for resources and are perfect hangout spots for players who want a break from the action.

The genius behind this mod is an individual named Vex, who revealed that the underlying code for this feature was already embedded within the game but had remained unnoticed due to some functional issues. Given that the stations aren't entirely operational yet, as docking can sometimes be patchy, Vex provides potential solutions in the mod’s description on NexusMods to overcome these minor obstacles.

The discovery of the outpost feature hidden in the game’s code implies that the game's creators may have intended to launch it officially in the future. Bethesda plans for Starfield to be an enduring game, played and explored over months or even years, and this stokes speculations about future additions.

The gaming community is already fired up with imaginations running wild. Inspired by the expedition system used in Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, some players are looking forward to launching and orchestrating their own ship expeditions based on resource quantity and mission difficulty. Others are envisioning themselves establishing trading routes, whipping up fierce pirate armies, or merely decorating their private space homes. The consensus is unanimous that constructing space stations promises to be an engaging and enjoyable addition.

Interestingly, Bethesda has already declared a Starfield expansion named ‘Shattered Space’, although details of the game's development and launch timeline remain shrouded in mystery. Some suggest that players, in their enthusiasm, might even surpass the designers in actualizing their gaming visions. This sentiment is further substantiated with the news that Bethesda is reportedly planning to provide official mod support for Starfield next year.

Regardless of the excitement surrounding the newly unveiled modding feature, the bedrock of Starfield's success undeniably lies in the Community Patch, recognized as the game's most vital aspect. But, with space stations now available for construction and customization, players have an exciting new frontier to explore and conquer in the cosmos.

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