Thanks to dedicated fans, the NSFW PC-98 strategy game 'Shangrlia 2', initially released in 1993, is now available in English.

'Shangrlia 2', PC-98 Strategy Game Now in English

A treasure from the past has been given a new lease on life, thanks to the concerted efforts of dedicated fans. 'Shangrlia 2', a strategy-action game for the PC-98, is now available in English, marking its first-ever accessibility to English players. This potentially NSFW game was originally released back in 1993 by Japanese developer, Elf Corporation, also renowned for creating the 'Dragon Knight' series.

Spotted by Game Vecanti on Twitter, the English translation patch was unveiled by BabaJeanmel, a devoted fan who was also part of the recent translation of all 12 episodes of Jewel BEM Hunter Lime for PC-98. The adventurous undertaking marks yet another triumph for fan-driven gaming preservation and accessibility measures.

'Shangrlia 2' is an eroge strategy-action game, where players delve into a realm of fantasy and strategy. Gamers step into the shoes of a hero challenged with aiding the three remaining generals of the kingdom of Hyunckel to rescue their compatriots, facing the looming threat of dark forces.

Players must manage and issue commands to armies, deciding on each soldier's movement and action plans. The intricate battlefield mapping and attention to tactical detail cues are characteristics that have made 'Shangrlia 2' a unique and captivating game with a lasting legacy.

However, 'Shangrlia 2' contains mature content making it unsuitable for some audiences. It is branded as '"Not Safe for Work" for its inclusion of visual novel-style dialogue scenes with characters who are often scantily clad or entirely nude. This means the game may not be suitable for all players, particularly those who are uncomfortable with, or object to, nudity in games.

Despite its explicit content, the availability of an English translation for 'Shangrlia 2' represents a significant achievement. The unflagging efforts of fans such as BabaJeanmel, who pour their energy into translating games, contribute to the preservation and continued enjoyment of classic games by wider audiences.

Interestingly, BabaJeanmel's English translation patch is now available for download via the GBATemp. This fan, among others, have made it possible to revisit classics and experience them anew. Their love for these games, combined with their commitment to rendering them accessible to as many people as possible, is laudable and speaks to the often underestimated power of fan communities in the world of gaming.

In the midst of the ever-evolving gaming landscape, classic pieces like 'Shangrlia 2' serve as reminders of the gaming world's rich and diverse history. Through the fans' hard work, gamers can now relive the thrill and strategy of 'Shangrlia 2' in English, an opportunity not available before. The preservation and accessibility of such games signify the deep love and respect the gaming community has for its past, and the lengths it will go to share this legacy with new generations.

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