Solid Clouds tickles the funny bone of sci-fi gamers with a wacky new loot-laden expansion, The Abyss, in their gacha strategy game, Starborne: Frontiers.

Starborne: Frontiers Unleashes 'The Abyss' Expansion

Pour a cup of hyper-drive gas and fasten your seatbelts, space commanders! Prepare to launch into, arguably, the most whimsical parallel universe in gaming history - 'The Abyss'. Solid Clouds, the comic geniuses behind Starborne: Frontiers, have upped their game, releasing a brand new expansion as rich in traditional sci-fi lore as it is in laugh lines.

The Abyss isn't your everyday, run-of-the-mill interstellar void, oh no. It's a galactic freakshow, ripe and ready for the brave, the bold, and those just aching for a good chuckle or ten. The enigmatic origins of The Abyss are a source of constant debate, almost as heated as the debates about which Star Wars trilogy reigns supreme. One fact, though, isn't up for debate - the place is an interstellar treasure trove. It's candyland for resource raiders, with clusters chock-full of some of the rarest elements, minerals, and exotic isotopes in the known universe.

The Abyss used to be nothing more than a "colossal, unyielding blockade," think of it like the universe's most frustrating traffic jam. Once it fell, though, like a scrumptious piñata, it revealed a secret far richer than flavored Tootsie Rolls - it had become the siren call of power-hungry dudes and dudettes across the cosmos.

Clustered on The Abyss are resource-rich locations tied to all corners of the galaxy. The intrepid ones stepping into this place will find an ever-expanding, laughter inducing ball of fun.

Game-mode wise, The Abyss is like a Tetris tower - except not at all. Instead of the predictable, the brave explorers will traverse a dynamic map where every move can lead to laffs, loot, and a chance to lock horns with other commanders or hurl themselves into precariously positioned wormholes for more entertainment. Need some sci-fi inspo? Check out our list of top laugh-out-loud iOS games, each as hair-raisingly hilarious as the other!

In a neat nod to the rotisserie chicken of your local grocery store, The Abyss rotates flavors (or layouts) monthly. Five depths down, and you'll find a change in affinity that heightens the challenge, tempting players to fortify their teams with wisecracking warriors.

Ready to dive headfirst into a wormhole of hilarity? Buckle up and download Starborne: Frontiers for free right now. Take a tour in The Abyss, and remember – in space, everyone can hear you laugh!

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