Oscar-winner Michael Mann confirms the much-anticipated sequel and maybe-prequel of his 1995 classic crime drama "Heat", while juggling casting rumors about Adam Driver.

Mann's "Heat 2": It's a Pre-Sequel and Driver's Maybe Cooking

All right folks, gather around the campfire, we've got some hot news straight from the horse's mouth. The legendary filmmaker, Michael Mann, who’s currently engrossed in promoting his upcoming biopic “Ferrari”, has dropped a cinematic bombshell. In an albeit casual fashion during a Deadline event, Mann confirmed that his next big project is the long-awaited “Heat 2”. Essentially confirming that he's the Santa Claus of crime-drama aficionados - delivering gifts when we least expect them!

Reading between the lines, he said, “Yes, Meg Gardiner and I gave birth to the delightful novel 'Heat 2', which popped out from the printing press right when we were knee-deep in directing Ferrari." Bottom line? The novel did exceptionally well, and now it's getting the lights-camera-action treatment. So grab the popcorn, people, because heat is about to double.

Now, in case you are wondering, and let's face it you are, this sequel isn't a simple next-chapter narrative, oh no. It’s modeled after the novel Mann co-wrote with Gardiner, serving as both an encore and a flashback to the original 1995 film. It picks up with our old friend Neil McCauley, who Robert DeNiro immortalized in the first edition, and plays hopscotch between timelines, exploring the thrilling adventures before and after the nostalgic crime saga.

Moving to the elephant in the room, or rather, the knight in shining armor. Rumor mills have been abuzz with chatter that Adam Driver might strap into McCauley's criminal shoes for this round, but Mann won't confirm or deny: "Perhaps," he teased and continued, "Let's not spill the beans just yet." However, he did drop a promising hint by reminiscing about his recent work experience with Driver on Ferrari, saying they got along like a house on fire, sharing an intense work ethic and mutual admiration. For those keeping score at home, that's a pretty ringing endorsement!

An award-winning director and a Hollywood heartthrob recently collaborated on Ferrari, which had its grand premiere at this year's Venice film festival. The biopic paints a vivid picture of the founder of the revered Italian car manufacturer through the lens of the year 1957. The film also sees Penélope Cruz and Shailene Woodley sharing screen space.

Unfortunately, Mann didn't dish out when we can expect "Heat 2" to hit the theatres. But given the twisty-turvy anticipation for both a sequel and a prequel, let's say the more, the merrier, and patience is a virtue! In the meantime, say tuned for all the upcoming movie releases heading to the silver screen in 2023.

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