Jotego, a developer is working on introducing classic arcade games including 'Cadillacs & Dinosaurs', 'The Punisher', and 'Bubble Bobble' to Analogue Pocket.

Jotego Brings Classic Arcade Games to Analogue Pocket

Gaming enthusiasts have a reason to rejoice as FPGA developer, Jotego has just unveiled multiple classic titles on the Analogue Pocket. The CPS2 core, which was initially an exclusive for his Patreon, has been made publicly available. Along with this, Jotego has added support for Cadillacs & Dinosaurs and The Punisher under the CPS1.5 games category.

On the other hand, Bubble Bobble, the beloved game from Taito has been released as a beta core. Although, to access this, one would need to be a Patreon subscriber. Jotego has also stated that the MiSTer version of this core has been updated recently.

One notable game that hasn't yet found its place on the Analogue Pocket is Namco's Splatter House. Despite Jotego's confirmation that it is slated to be one of his future FPGA cores, its development has taken longer than anticipated. While the graphics and demo appear to be in working condition, the MCU seems to be encountering issues, causing the coin inputs to get locked randomly. This issue presents a unique challenge that needs overcoming, making the journey to Halloween potentially spooky for the developer.

In other news, Jotego has revealed plans to work on Space Odyssey, a gem from the golden age of arcade games, released by Sega in 1981. This interest was piqued at the Arcade Conference that took place in Ibi (Alicante), attended by various developers from the scene. This is a project that would require replicating SEGA's custom chip 315-0042, used in Space Odyssey, something that could be feasible as it often appears as a small PCB.

Indeed, if there’s interest, a custom core for this 40-year-old game seems like a possibility. But actualising this is a task that lies ahead of core development. So, the responsibility will be borne by Hope85, Esperanza's Discord nickname, to make a new PCB for it.

Jotego's efforts have undoubtedly allowed enthusiasts to relive the nostalgia of classic games. It is a commendable step made towards keeping the legacy of arcade gaming alive. After all, for many, these games served as an introduction to the larger, ever-evolving world of gaming. For those interested in experiencing these old classics on their Analogue Pocket, guides are available to help ease the process.

It's also noteworthy that there are more updates expected, thanks to successful collaborations like Jotego's one with Patreon. As the gaming world keeps expanding, we can hope for more classics to make appearances on modern platforms, continuing the legacy of arcade games and allowing newer generations to experience their old-world charm.

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