Tim Cain, co-creator of the Fallout video game series, expresses his desire to explore international settings such as China, Russia, London, Paris, and more for future games.

Fallout Co-creator Envisions Apocalyptic RPG Outside US

Fallout video game series co-creator, Tim Cain, has recently expressed his wish to see the post-apocalyptic RPG in international settings beyond the confines of the US. In a Podcast episode with TKs-Mantis dedicated to discussing the Fallout series, Cain shed light on where he would like to see the future of Fallout.

Despite leaving the franchise before the release of Fallout 2, his fascination for the game's universe hasn't diminished. Cain expressed what his vision would have been if he were to create the third version of the game. The lack of technology to support 3D visuals at the time was the main reason he didn't pursue this vision.

An interesting part of his vision for Fallout's potential future was his interest in exploring other parts of the world. This wasn't merely about changing landscapes but also exploring the political narratives and jingoism of other countries, particularly China and Russia. However, such a complex concept's realization would have been challenging during the late 90s due to lack of sufficient information about day-to-day life in those areas. A deeper understanding of what citizens of these countries might have thought their future would look like during the '50s was essential to Cain's vision.

Cain intrigued the podcast's audience by revealing that he had already planned a concept for a new Fallout game that he hadn't shared with anyone, not even with Leonard Boyarsky, Fallout designer. He expressed a desire to keep this idea to himself unless it actually comes to fruition.

In response to a discussion on the upcoming fan-made Fallout London mod for Fallout 4, Cain began listing off locations that he'd love to see as settings in future Fallout games. Beyond London, he named off Paris, reasoning that a radiated, bent Eiffel Tower would provide an interesting backdrop. Other locations he mentioned included Prague, Rio de Janeiro, and Hawaii. To conclude his wishlist, Cain simply expressed his dream for the game to go beyond the confines of the United States. He made it clear that he wished for these new cities to be seen through the same post-apocalyptic lens inherent in the Fallout series.

In essence, more than two decades after the launch of the original Fallout game, one of its co-creators still holds a desire to broaden the series' scope. His vision suggests an exciting prospect of stepping into a post-apocalyptic version of familiar international landscapes, enabling players to explore new narratives and resurrected societies. With the rise of the gaming industry's technical capabilities, this dream might become a reality sooner than we think.

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