Nintendo's popular event Splatoween comes haunting back to Splatoon 3. Players join spooky teams, wear eerie costumes, and engage in competitive 'fests.

Splatoon 3's Splatoween Splatfest Returns

If you're a fan of Nintendo's classic and trendy Splatoon series, you're likely familiar with the infamous Splatoween. This popular event is coming back to Nintendo's multiplayer game, Splatoon 3. It's time to put on your best spooky costume and choose your team as Nintendo unleashes the annual Splatoween Splatfest this weekend.

A general air of excitement and anticipation surrounds Splatoween, a special Halloween-based event where players can join one of three squads. There’s Team Zombie, Team Skeleton, and Team Ghost to choose from. Each team battles for its supernatural supremacy, earning points for victories that are tallied up at the end of the event to declare the Splatoween champions.

It's all going to start on the 27th of October for the North American region at 5 PM PDT. For those in Australia, the Splatoween Splatfest begins on the 28th of October at 10 AM AEST. New Zealanders can join the fun at midday on the same date. UK and European players are set to start their spooky competitions on the 28th of October, at 1 AM BST and 2 AM CEST, respectively, while the Japanese begin their Splatfest at 9 AM JST on the same day.

In addition to getting into the Splatoween spirit by siding with a spooky team, participants also have the opportunity to wear Splatoween-themed t-shirts and supercool headgear, which are all available for free. These intriguing items can be redeemed from the Nintendo Switch News application.

Nintendo first announced the return of the Splatoween event earlier this month, revealing that it would be run from 27th to 29th October. The event puts the Splatfest at the center of the attraction, questioning players, 'Which would be the best friend?' as the teams, Zombie, Skeleton, and Ghost, battle it out to win.

It's not merely a casual Splatfest – it's Splatoween, a special event spiced with unique extras. Alongside the typical team shirts, Nintendo offers players the chance to acquire exclusive, eerie headgear for the event. These haunting items can be found via the Splatoon 3 channel in the News section on your Nintendo Switch system.

This year's Splatoween affords players plenty of time to decide their allegiance and prepare for the event. This upcoming Splatfest, as well as those before it, are an integral part of the Splatoon series, making every rendition a memorable, fun-filled experience.

Splatoween brings a splatter of spooky excitement to the Splatoon 3 game, offering players elaborate gameplay and a fun Halloween experience every year. Who will be the champion this year – Team Zombie, Skeleton, or Ghost? All that remains to be seen. As Splatoween rolls around once again, may the spirit of Halloween be with each player and their chosen team.

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