The upcoming December update for the video game Shadows of Doubt will allow players to use modding tools, enabling them to create their own mysteries and design cities.

Major Update for Shadows of Doubt Allows User Modding

Shadows of Doubt, the detective simulation game set in the 1980s, is famous for its rain-soaked streets, bitter coffee, and intriguing procedurally generated murder mysteries. The update, scheduled for early December, promises to thicken the plot, allowing players to create their own mysteries and even modify the cityscape to make it work for their stories.

Rachel, a dedicated private eye in the gaming world, found the game engaging, although a little confusing back in April. Graham, another member of the gaming community, considers it his perfect game, particularly after the addition of adultery cases and lost-property missions. On a humorous note, his posts are likened to cryptic confessions of horrific crimes, casting an intriguing shadow of suspicion over his identity in the gaming world.

ColePowered Games, the creators of Shadows of Doubt, are adding modding tools to the game, which will permit players to write their own detective tales. This considerable enhancement is likely to transform this already intriguing game into a gripping saga of suspense. The upcoming update is set to have three major components that are sure to captivate the players further.

The first one is a text editor. With it, players can add dialogue in the game according to the characters' traits and circumstances. Interestingly, the text editor is quite similar to the one used by the developers themselves in crafting the narrative of the game.

The update also includes a city editor, a tool that will initially let players rename streets and cities and determine where the buildings will be placed. ColePowered Games aims to expand this feature future down the line, potentially giving stiff competition to similar games like Cities: Skylines 2.

The final part of this update is a “mono” version of Shadows of Doubt, specifically designed for modders. It will be available on a separate branch on the Steam platform. As this moddable version may have lower performance than the default version, it has been kept separate.

In addition to these modding features, the ColePowered team hinted at a few more surprises to be unveiled with the update. Furthermore, they announced the addition of Steam Achievements, which is certain to boost the game's popularity even more.

This Youtube video offers an inside look into the upcoming features in Shadows of Doubt:

All these upcoming elements are proof of the efforts put in by ColePowered Games in enhancing the gameplay of Shadows of Doubt. If they continue to sustain this momentum, they might soon find their game featured in Emily Short's best detective games, a prominent list dating back to 2016. This update is not only a step forward for the game's development but a chance for players to truly immerse themselves in this intriguing world of puzzles, mysteries, and detective work.

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