Actress Iman Vellani is hopeful for a second season of Ms. Marvel, suggesting she's dialing back her humorous disagreements with Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige.

Iman Vellani Hopes for a Ms. Marvel Season 2

Iman Vellani, the star of the popular Marvel television series Ms. Marvel, recently hinted at her desire for a second season of the show. However, she is giving Kevin Feige, the president of Marvel Studios, less of a hard time over the Marvel Cinematic Universe's (MCU) set-up, primarily for the sake of her character's continuation.

Vellani, who portrays teenager Kamala Khan a.k.a. Ms. Marvel, made amusing headlines in 2022 when she openly stated her divergence from Feige's vision of the MCU's world arrangement, referring specifically to earth's designation in the MCU. Despite Feige's assertions, Vellani argued that the MCU doesn't exist on Earth 616 but rather on Earth 199999.

However, to ensure the possibility of the show's second season, she has since eased off on her playful banter with Feige. In her words, she is refraining from bombarding him with dozens of questions until they officially confirm Ms. Marvel's second season.

Curious fans might want to know about Feige's reaction to Vellani's counterarguments or disagreements, specifically the divergence on earth's numerical designation within the MCU. Vellani revealed Feige's good-natured responses on Reddit, stating that in response to her public statements, he would often humorously mimic the disputed Earth 616 designation with hand gestures.

Since the final episode of Ms. Marvel aired last year, there has been no official news on a second season. However, Vellani's hope for Ms. Marvel's return remains strong. In her discussions with The Hollywood Reporter, she mentioned her patience and optimism for a sequel. She hopes that the love and admiration her character, Kamala, is receiving will encourage the vocal demand for a second season. She expressed a heartfelt desire to continue Kamala's story and dive deeper into the narrative of her community, highlighting there is still much to explore.

She conveys a particular fondness for her co-stars Bruno (played by Matt Lintz) and Nakia (portrayed by Yasmeen Fletcher), signaling a desire for their return in the potential second season. Vellani's enthusiasm for a sequel rests not only on her interest in furthering her character's story but also on the countless potential turns the narrative can take.

For the time being, Vellani's performance can be watched in The Marvels, currently screening in cinemas. The film presents a plethora of engaging Marvel content, influenced by the comics, taking its viewers on a deep dive into the Marvel universe; from the comic book origins of her character Kamala Khan to Nia DaCosta's softer picturization of Fury, Vellani's latest venture offers a comprehensive Marvel experience.

In the event of an official announcement of Ms. Marvel's second season, fans look forward to more insightful and entertaining discussions between Iman Vellani and Kevin Feige, as well as the potential for another narrative filled with adventure, action and teenage super-heroism.

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