Retro-Bit's newest Saturn Pro Controller promises to be a powerhouse of interstellar proportions. Dual analogue sticks, four shoulder buttons and connecting via cosmic rays, well, wireless signal.

Saturn Pro Controller: Retro-Bit's New Comet!

Prepare to blast off to intergalactic gaming heights! Retro-Bit has unsheathed its latest weapon in the console wars — the Saturn Pro Controller. This new handheld supernova aims to explore the far reaches of gaming and become the only Saturn interface you’ll ever need. Sporting 2.4GHz wireless connectivity — probably pilfered right from the Milky Way — it offers low-latency input, minimising the risk of experiencing any loss in the time-space-gaming continuum.

The Pro Controller boasts dual analogue sticks, which employ Hall Effect technology to prevent the dreaded drift. No, we're not talking about wandering off into a black hole, we're talking about an annoying issue that can cause your controller to respond slowly or not at all (which, depending on the game you're playing, could feel like falling into a black hole).

Inside the Pro Controller, you'll find a potent 500mAh battery. Think of it as the Mars Rover of power cells, exploring the universe of gaming on a single charge. All you need to juice it up is a USB-C connector. It's as easy to use as driving your rover through the Martian dunes!

But wait, there’s more! Retro-Bit has summoned two extra shoulder buttons for this celestial beast, upping the star count to four. Now that's firepower worthy of a starship! For those who like their gaming controllers packed with as many features as the Hubble Telescope has lenses, the Saturn Pro Controller racks up a hefty price tag of $49.99.

There's a cosmic event on the horizon— Retro-Bit plans to launch the Saturn Pro Controller before Earth completes another orbit round the Sun (aka, before the end of the year). Whether you’re an old-school Sega Saturn fan, an all-system explorer, or just someone who loves all things retro, this modern-day star chariot guarantees to zoom you straight into gaming Valhalla.

However, it's worth remembering that every new product launch can be as unpredictable as a comet flyby. Not every gamer has been smitten by the Saturn Pro Controller's advanced space-tech appeal. Some fans have voiced concerns about the analog stick placement (let's face it, adjustments in the course of your gaming spaceship can be unsettling).

There are others that have faced the black hole of payment method restrictions, cursing the fact that the stores selling these proton-packed powerhouses don't accept Mastercard. What can a gamer do without their trusty financial fuel?

So, whether you're eager to explore the retro cosmos, fly through a favorite game, or give your old Saturn a turn around the galaxy, the Saturn Pro Controller might just be your ticket for this exciting expedition. Remember, even if you can't buy one right away due to lack of universe-accepted payment methods, hope is never far away. After all, in space, no one can hear you scream... or see your Mastercard!

And so, the saga continues— for every satisfied gamer soaring through the gaming universe, there's another one stuck in the space-dock, waiting for their chance. But if there's one thing we know about gamers, they're as patient as space itself and as persistent as a gamer trying to beat a final boss level. With a bit of luck (and maybe a new payment option), the Saturn Pro Controller could soon be in the hands of gamers around the world. Till then, game on and remember— in space, no joystick moves you!

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