Immortal or not, prepare to be perplexed and terrified. Lords of the Fallen returns, this time on PS5, promising to make sure you feel mortal. Prepare to laugh or cry.

New PS5 Trailer for Fallen Lords Mangled, Experts Puzzled

Brag yourselves, gaming gladiators. We're about to take a riotously hilarious roller coaster ride into the underworld with a new trickster in town. Set your countdown clocks and start stockpiling your laugh-induced tears for the 13th of October – a date that promises to drop jaws and raise eyebrows at the same time. CI Games is set to release a trailer for the hotly anticipated Lords of The Fallen on PS5 and boy oh boy, are we in for a shocking delight.

Once upon a time, way back in 2014, the first edition of The Lords Of The Fallen video game was released by a (not so) innocent game developing company called Hexworks. In an adrenaline-infused twist, the sequel is now all grown up. It's reputedly five times larger than its predecessor and showing its teeth in a way that would make a honey badger take notes.

In this delectably brutal fantasy world, you'll play as a Dark Crusader on a mission to moonwalk across the realms of the living and the dead. Yes, you heard that right - moonwalk. You're going to need that sense of humour to spur you forward on your epic quest to overthrow the grim and ghastly Adyr. But let’s not forget about the nine character classes where you can customize your characters, just in case you fancy making a daring dark knight or a jester of a wizard.

Combat mechanics don’t just promise a challenge but also a side of confusion. With hundreds of outlandish weapons to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice on just how you slice, dice and roast your foes. Please don't ask us what you're supposed to do with the interdimensional Corn-on-the-cob of Doom. We're as puzzled as you are. And let's not even start on the peculiarly adorable ‘Adyr Plushie’ some fans have been brandishing.

Once you tire of your lonely crusade, there’s always the online arena where you can challenge or codswallop with buddies in uninterrupted, online co-op mode. But remember, it’s a wild, wild web world out there. Invaders from other realms would leap at the chance to hijack your quest and turn it into an impromptu comedy-fest. Anyhow, who wouldn't want to be interrupted by a neon cat riding a flaming unicorn?

Ever wished for an ungodly device that inflicts fearsome destruction? Well, your prayers are answered as your lantern wields the terrifying power to transfer across worlds. All while inflicting an array of peculiar afflictions on your foes. And sorry grim reaper, death doesn’t have the last laugh here. If you fall, no worries mate. You'd just rise back up in the world of the dead... which is oddly populated by cuddly kittens and bouncy bunnies.

Oh yes indeed, our hype-o-meter is well and truly redlining for Lords of the Fallen. So, tell us, what’ll be your gag? Will you be picking up this hot potato of a game? Or will you instead embark on a quest for the elusive Lies of P? Go ahead and share some giggles in the comments below. Let’s put the ‘fun’ back into ‘fundamentally petrifying video games’.

So, what's on your mind? Will you throw caution to the wind and indulge in this rollicking free for all, setting new records for death flailing in the process? Or will you just order another pizza and patiently wait for a new season of The Office? No matter what you choose, remember, in the realm of Lords of Fallen – laughter is your best weapon. And yes, keep those 911-speed dials handy, you might just end up laughing yourself to death. Oh, the sweet irony.

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