Rotten Flesh, a survival horror game, brings a unique aspect to gaming by letting players use a microphone to call out the name of their lost dog in-game for a more immersive experience.

New Game Allows Shouting Dog's Name Into Microphone

The upcoming video game Rotten Flesh, a first-person survival horror game allows players to do much more than merely employing traditional game commands and controls. The game takes interaction to a new level, by gifting players a unique feature - an option to call out the in-game name of their virtual pet using their microphone.

To set the stage, Rotten Flesh is themed on panic and desperation provoked by losing your beloved dog named Roy who has somehow managed to get lost in the dark confines of sewer tunnels. The game provides an exhilarating experience where players can simply shout "ROY!" into their microphone to call for their lost companion, a concept reminiscent of similar gaming experiences like the infamous "Jason!" or "Fenton!" calls from other popular games.

In a thrilling twist, Roy responds to the calls too. When the player shouts into the microphone, assuming the dog is nearby, he replies with a bark informing the player of his location. So the louder, the better. You can almost hear the tail wag as the distance between the owner and pet lessens.

However, this innovative feature is not just a delight for dog lovers, but also a strategic element of gameplay. These sewer systems are not ordinary ones, they're the kind you encounter in horror video games, full of complex mazes crawling with terrifying creatures and haunted by mystery. As such, your shouts aren't just heard by Roy but also by these creatures who may, or may not be, friendly. The choice to either combat these foes, hide, or outthink them via solving complex puzzles is left to the gamer, making for a stimulating gameplay experience.

This exciting new addition to the gaming community comes from the developer, Steelkrill Studio. The use of microphone-based commands is entirely optional, according to the developer. Players can turn off the input if they prefer a more traditional gameplay experience. Even so, the incorporation of live voice commands into the play is encouraged for an engaging experience.

This isn't the first time Steelkrill Studio trails a different path, their previous horror games, such include The Backrooms 1998 and LIDAR-scanning The Voidness, which were also well received by players for incorporating different elements into traditional gaming.

As an added thrill, the developer promises that the game will undergo further tweaks and expansions during the Early Access phase on Steam, before the official release. As we wait in anticipation, there is but one shared hope among the gaming community - that Roy survives!

Please enjoy this announcement trailer which offers a sneak peek into the game’s unique features.

Get ready to scream your dog's name into your computer and experience the thrill and fear of searching for Roy in the endless horror-filled labyrinth of sewer tunnels in the ground-breaking game, Rotten Flesh.

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