PS Plus members can enjoy a 15% discount on movie rentals and purchases through the Sony Pictures Core app on PS5, PS4 throughout November.

PS Plus Offers Movie Discount on Sony Pictures Core

PlayStation (PS) Plus members have a special advantage this November. Sony is providing a unique promotion on their new Sony Pictures Core app, allowing PS Plus members to relish a 15% discount on movie rentals and purchases across PS5 and PS4 consoles.

This incredible offer is not restricted to a specific membership tier and is accessible to all members who currently hold an active PS Plus Subscription. Every movie you've been meaning to catch up on, whether it's a blockbuster hit, an indie film, or a trending series, is now at a significantly reduced cost.

This creditable offer arose following the exclusive chance for PS Plus Premium subscribers to rent up to 100 movies free of charge. This distinctive benefit led to a surge in user engagement within the app, demonstrating the value of these kinds of promotions to PlayStation's dedicated gaming community.

Adding up more excitement for users, PlayStation is offering a sneak peek into the world of Silent Hill: Ascension. The iconic horror series recently launched a TV show that promises to navigate the narrative in a new direction. Sony Pictures Core app users have a unique opportunity to watch a weekly compilation of audience-influenced storylines from this chilling series. This unique feature is not available anywhere else and is designed to enthrall the viewers with innovative content.

PS Plus Premium members have the added perk of being the first to access Silent Hill: Ascension content. These members are served 24 hours in advance before the content is aired on any other platform. The first stream was made available on 8th November 2023, providing PS Plus Premium members a distinct privilege.

The overarching aim is to provide PlayStation Plus Members a rich, immersive, and exclusive entertainment experience beyond gaming. The Sony Pictures Core app seems an ideal avenue to achieve this, offering members the chance to explore a broad spectrum of movies and exclusive series at their convenience, from the comfort of their homes.

The PS Plus community is always passionate about the added benefits that come with their membership. Hence, it's not surprising that this latest offer from Sony is likely to resonate positively. Whether it's weekend movie nights or holiday viewings, there's no doubt that the enticing discount will not be wasted.

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