Ridley Scott gives us a sneak peek into Denzel Washington's yo-yoing journey from rich businessman to grudge-wielding gladiator in the anticipated sequel of Gladiator.

Gladiator 2: Denzel Goes from Wall Street to Gladiatorial Arena

Brace yourselves, ladies, gentlemen, and history geeks around the globe, as Ridley Scott has finally decided to break the iceberg of suspense around Gladiator 2. Buckle up, for this ride isn't your ordinary historic roller coaster. Picture this: A wealthy businessman swapping his swanky Armani suit for a not-so-comfy gladiatorial armor. Sounds cinematic, doesn't it? That's Denzel Washington for you in Gladiator 2!

Before his long-awaited film Napoleon marches into cinemas, Scott spilled a few beans about his most upvoted project, Gladiator 2. In an exclusive tell-all with Total Film, Scott hinted at the mystery revolving around Denzel Washington's role in the anticipated sequel. "Think of a rich gladiator with a chip on his shoulder so big that Mount Vesuvius would feel rather modest!" Scott told Total Film.

"Denzel is not one of those gladiators who were promised freedom but ended up fighting to the death. He graces this film as a once opulent man who was pushed down the social pyramid into the grueling life of a gladiator, marked with slave symbols." What’s the twist, you might ask? Well, our gladiator is no ordinary Joe; he’s a loaded one with an unfading grudge towards Romans. "He brings in that typical Denzel flavor - rich, irritated, presentable but bitter!" Scott revealed.

Like our Gladiator protagonist Maximus, played by the magnificent Crowe, Washington's character will irk every fiber of the Roman society, seeking retribution for his past tortures. As they say, 'Hell hath no fury like a rich gladiator scorned,' or close enough!

The good ol' Scott can’t help but gush about his golden boy, Denzel. "He's more precious than gold. But please, don’t call him a golden oldie; we wish to continue making films!" Scott cheekily added. This liaison marks the duo's second partnership after the staggering success of the 2007 American Gangster.

Now, after this tantalizing teaser, the wait for Gladiator 2’s release somewhere in 2024 is almost unbearable. The sequel is set to focus on the nephew of Commodus, played by Paul Mescal, who was rescued by Maximus in the original movie. While we bite our nails in anticipation, Scott's Napoleon is set to conquer the cinema world on November 24th. For the complete low-down on Napoleon and Ridley Scott, reserve your copy of Total Film hitting shelves and digital newsstands this October 12.

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