Another Crab’s Treasure, a delightful Soulslike, unveiled recent bug fixes, successfully liberating poor gamers from eternal Crab Hell, yet introducing a hilariously unexpected easy mode.

Crustacean Crusader Escapes Nautical Nirvana!

Talk about crabby game bugs! Before you get your claws in a twist, don't worry, those aquatic adventurers over at Aggro Crab, creators of the viral sensation Another Crab's Treasure, have crawled quickly to the rescue! They've managed to fix a detrimental glitch in their watery wonderland that was mistakenly whisking players off to an otherworldly place dubbed "Crab Heaven" or "Crab Hell," depending on how you look at it.

If you've been living under a boulder (or perhaps a large coral), Another Crab’s Treasure is the big splash in underwater Soulslike (yes, "crustacean Soulslike" is a thing now) that's gone viral over the past stretch of months. It stars, you guessed it, a crab, working to restore balance in a once-thriving underwater kingdom turned dumpster due to overbearing pollution. Sea creatures now hustle and bustle, glorifying, trading, and even waging wars with our humbly discarded plastic trash. Our crab hero's armor isn't exactly a shell; it could be a worn-out flower pot, a shabby plastic cup, or any other cast-off you’d typically find rolling around on the ocean floor.

Just when we thought we can’t have enough of crabby adventures, Aggro Crab decided to introduce wackiest easy mode known to video gaming. Traditionally, you might expect a crab to find protection under an old, discarded tin can, not in this game: you can arm your crab with a fully functional handgun to blast foes in a style reminiscent of underwater John Wick!

The evolving Soulslike undersea experience was recently premiered via a new demo released on Steam, allowing players to take their first, tentative claw holds on three epic boss battles and two dramatically different environments. But their journey wasn't all smooth sailing. A pesky bug was ready to interrupt the adventure, teleporting unsuspecting players to a curious crabby version of the afterlife with each mortal misstep!

So, what did the gamers do when they found themselves navigating the aquatic version of Dante's Inferno? They took to Twitter to share their hilariously tragic fates: "I got hit by a parasol crab and got sent to Crell (Crab Hell)," bemoaned an unfortunate sea explorer.

But fret not, finned friends. Problem diagnosed, bug squashed, no further soul-searching pilgrimages to the great underwater beyond. Our favorite crustacean can again don its eco-unfriendly armor and continue its fight against the bloated sea urchins and cruel jellyfish thugs of the kingdom.

And for those curious souls longing to experience the nautical novelty of a crab with a handgun, you won't have to float around much longer. Another Crab's Treasure is set to open its shell on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PC, and Game Pass from day one, sometime next year. However, if you're already feeling a bit shellfish (get it?), you can get a taste of the action right now on Steam. Now, isn't this the catch of the day? Dive deep, fellow game aficionados, the sea beckons!

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