Developer Arkane Studios jazzes up Redfall with Performance Mode, stealth takedowns, and plenty more goodies.

Redfall's Big Update Steps Up the Vampire Game

Ladies and gentlemen, vampire hunters of the digital world, big news comes a-calling and it's all dressed in the blood-drenched hues of Redfall's new update. Let's roll out the purple carpet for our developers at Arkane Studios because whoa boy, have they upped the vampire game quite a few notches.

Now sit tight, because if you thought Redfall's launch was as exciting as a broccoli sandwich (that's a 5 out of 10, if you ask our grumpy pals at Game Informer), then you better hold on to your garlic cloves. The big news is - drumroll please - the much-awaited Performance Mode has finally dropped, wiping off the cobwebs from Redfall's Xbox Series X/S version.

Now, if you're waiting for an elaborate, point-by-point explanation of how Performance Mode works, then sorry folks, we're just as in the dark as you are. Although we do have it on good authority (read: vague Bethesda patch notes) that this new mode should have the game running as smooth as Count Dracula on a night hunt, presumably at a solid 60 FPS.

But the party doesn't stop there. Arkane Studios have also stuffed in features requested more often than "Hotel California" at an open mic night. We're talking stealth takedowns (finally!) that let you safely dispatch those bloodsuckers without making as much noise as a drum solo. There are also better multiplayer communication options (clearer game chat to strategize on how not to get your jugular nibbled), and an array of accessibility options certain to have you shouting, "I vant to play zis game!"

On top of all this, the game's open-world enemy population just got boosted. That's right, folks. The creeptastic world of Redfall just became Wall-Street-at-lunchtime crowded with those nasty vamps. So buckle up and prepare to say hello to the new horde on the block.

But, wait! There's more. Remember when your silenced weapons were about as stealthy as a Halloween party at the Addams' residence? Well, boohoo no more! The new update ensures that silenced weapons appear as such on tooltips, essentially making them the mimes of the arsenal - seen but not heard.

That's not all, folks. Arkane is taking care of business in many other ways too, with several techie updates that'll make your gameplay as exciting as a moonlit flight with your favorite bat buddy.

So, what say? Ready to wade back into the eerie world of Redfall, face down those increased open-world enemy encounters, and make grandma proud? Go on then, grab a stake and join us in the merry mayhem. While you're at it, snag a peek into Game Informer's Redfall review, and steel your nerves to explore why being different is good…even if it's a teeny bit scary. So, gear up, get online, and let the vampire-smashing party begin! Happy hunting!

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