Gambling on good will, Rockstar stealthily adds 60 fps mode to Red Dead Redemption on PS5; players react with humor and a dash of resentment.

Silent Upgrade Surprise for PS4's Fabled Red Dead Redemption

In an unexpected plot twist akin to an action-packed climax in a spaghetti western, players of the fabled Red Dead Redemption, were in for a surprise on their PlayStation consoles. A patch mysteriously added a 60 frames-per-second mode, but hold your horses, only for the King of Consoles, the PS5.

Eagle-eyed cowboys and cowgirls discovered the framerate 'nugget of gold' onboard the patch 1.03 wagon. The addition, quieter than a rattlesnake lurking in the desert shrubs, side-stepped the PlayStation's official update records, leaving a trail of surprise and bewilder. Now, these players galloping on their new-gen high horsepower can enjoy a more fluid pursuit of justice at 60 frames per second.

Hardly a peep was heard from Rockstar, the gaming icon notorious for its enigmatic silence, until a tweet confirmed the framerate upgrade for PS5. Not long after, online discussions erupted faster than a saloon brawl, with players querying about a similar enhancement for Red Dead Redemption 2. Cynical commentaries soon followed, hinting at Rockstar's potential strategy to rerelease the game on PS6 at a handlebar mustache-curling price of 80 euros for that elusive ‘toggle’.

Flashback: Rockstar’s modern version of Red Dead Redemption didn’t start the grand rodeo show earlier this year with a resounding Yee-Haw! The rockstars of the gaming world swapped their usual explosive entrance with a rather controversial ‘conversion’ of the classic, pricing it at a hefty 50 buckaroos, leaving fans quicker to draw their ire than their six-shooter.

Remember the days when Rockstar was riding high on the saddle of gaming goodwill? Damn well seems like aeons ago. Nowadays, highly-priced upgrades have taken the place of drawn-out sequels, triggering an outcry. Even the silver-tongued CEO of parent company Take-Two tumbled into the rabbit hole, justifying the hefty price tag as “commercially accurate.”

So, as we join some disgruntled fans on the hangover of a last-gen port that's been kicking the dust for far too long, there's a sense of resentment brewing. Only time will tell if this new 60fps, new-gen-only patch is the 'Good', the 'Bad', or the 'Ugly' for Rockstar. Looking to challenge every mission? Saddle up and grab our comprehensive guide to Red Dead Redemption's hunting missions, and be sure to bring your best shot!

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