Director Todd Phillips gives fans a not-so-serious peek at a visibly damp Joaquin Phoenix in the sequel to the highly acclaimed Joker movie.

Joaquin Phoenix’s Colorful Umbrella Party in Joker 2!

Just when you thought Gotham couldn't get any more whimsical, director Todd Phillips sprinkles a cheeky touch of Singin' in the Rain vibe to the highly anticipated Joker sequel. Celebrating 'four years of madness' since the Joker’s initial descent into our collective psyche, Phillips took to Instagram to unveil Joaquin Phoenix's latest portrayal of the Joker donning a suit as gray as Gotham's weather, and surrounded by a cluster of flamboyantly hued umbrellas.

The image Phillips teased appears to have been plucked straight from a melodramatic song-and-dance number. Phoenix, embraced by downpour, flaunts a grey suit matching the city's consistent overcast, while four brightly colored umbrellas float around him like playful satellites in a lugubrious galaxy that is Gotham City.

The upcoming project, aptly named Joker: Folie à Deux (meaning “shared madness” - not to be mistaken for a fancy wine), leans into its psychiatric terminology. The phrase also hints at the relationship involving our resident madman and a freshly introduced Harley Quinn, played by none other than pop queen and actress, Lady Gaga herself. Nothing screams "shared delusion" quite like a psychiatrist in love with her unhinged patient. And who better to embody that spiral into shared madness than Mother Monster herself?

Joining Gaga and Phoenix in the sequel’s electric cast are Brendan Gleeson and Catherine Keener shrouding themselves in mystery roles, while Zazie Beetz reprises her role as Arthur’s supportive neighbor Sophie. The plot line, much like the Joker's sanity, is a well guarded secret, with only tidbits to hang onto. Here's a juicy one: expect a high voltage performance at Arkham Asylum. Oh, and did I mention the movie also includes an unlikely musical element? Which explains the rain-soaked, umbrella festooned Phoenix in Phillips' tantalizing teaser.

With this shower of surprises, the anticipation for Joker: Folie à Deux is thundering towards its release date on October 4, 2024. Until then, why not take the lead from our prankster protagonist and lurk in the shadows of Gotham's alleyways, or just check out our guide to this year's most exhilarating upcoming movies. Either way, we're all in for a wild walk under the rain with a handful of colorful umbrellas.

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