A rarely viewed online video provides a unique glimpse into the gameplay of the cancelled Dreamcast RPG, Metal Max: Wild Eyes.

Resurfaced Footage Gives Insight into Cancelled Dreamcast Game

Video game enthusiasts are known for their keen interest in discovering and exploring unseen or abandoned parts of their favorite gaming universes. Sometimes, this search leads to fascinating troves of knowledge hiding in plain sight. One such discovery is footage of Metal Max: Wild Eyes, a role-playing game (RPG) that was meant to grace the Dreamcast console but was unfortunately cancelled before it could see the light of day.

This recently discovered video, revealing a prototype of the cancelled game, was found thanks to the sharp eye of Dreamcast and Saturn fan, Rolly. The 5-minute YouTube video, uploaded in May 2021, has surprisingly garnered less than 150 views in the past two years—despite providing the most detailed look at the game yet. The video showcases a previously unseen dungeon and a full-motion video of the main character getting into a vehicle, providing a rare, detailed look into this cancelled game's gameplay, which was reportedly inspired by the popular MMORPG Everquest.

Metal Max: Wild Eyes was deemed notable largely because it was intended to be the first installment in the Metal Max series to feature 3D graphics. However, the game joined the annals of cancelled projects and never achieved the scheduled Winter 2000 release due to a change in the publisher ASCII's business strategy and the game's broad scope. ASCII decided to withdraw from the home video game business at the time, which resulted in the game's cancellation. Fans had to wait until 2003 for the next game in the series, Metal Max 2 Kai, an enhanced remake of the Super Famicom game for the Game Boy Advance.

The discovery of the Metal Max: Wild Eyes footage shows there is still much to be explored and rediscovered in the world of gaming. Resurrected from the depths of the Internet, this video sheds light on a game that could have been a major milestone in the Metal Max series and the RPG genre. It serves as a fascinating case study for gamers and historians alike.

For those interested in the world of cancelled games or simply curious about what might have been, the full video gives a tantalising glimpse of a world that developers Crea-Tech created but never reached the Sega Dreamcast console.

As the search continues, this resurrection of Metal Max: Wild Eyes video serves as a reminder to gaming enthusiasts worldwide that the web is a treasure trove of undiscovered gaming gems, waiting to be found and appreciated. The uncovered memories, like this forgotten video, bring back unsung chapters of the gaming industry – cancelled games that, although never completed, offer unique insights into creativity, industry shifts, and technical advancements of their time. There's a whole universe that remains unexplored, proving again that the world of video games is consistently full of surprises, both in the past and present.

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