Nintendo and Japanese toy manufacturer, San-ei Boeki, will release a 26cm tall Elephant Mario plushie in January 2024, expanding Super Mario Bros. Wonder merchandise.

Elephant Mario Plushie Announced for Release in 2024

As fans eagerly anticipate the launch of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the entertainment giant Nintendo has another surprise under their sleeves to tantalize them. Teaming up with Japanese toy manufacturer San-ei Boeki, they’ve unveiled an endearing 26cm tall Elephant Mario plushie, slated for release in January 2024.

Nintendo has a rich history of creating merchandise that amplifies the excitement around their game releases. With each product accounted for under the 'home-straight' section of their marketing campaigns, the reveal of this plushie presents another stunning collectible item for fans of the Super Mario Bros franchise.

Designed by San-ei Boeki, the company renowned for its creation of awe-inspiring Pokémon plushies sold on the Pokémon Centre online store, it is clear that this new Elephant Mario plushie has been molded with great care. The manufacturer has captured all the intricate details of Elephant Mario, leading to a product that’s not just a toy, but a bold display of meticulous craftsmanship.

Aside from the plushie’s creative design, there is talk about more sizes of this doll being made available in the future. The product details included a hint at this possibility with an “(S)” symbol, indicating that larger models might be on the horizon for enthusiastic collectors.

The Elephant Mario plushie's announcement has fans buzzing with excitement, but the information about its availability and distribution remains slightly nebulous. While it is expected to be undoubtedly popular in Japan, fans are hoping it will also receive a Western release, although this is yet to be confirmed.

The world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder has been invigorating and immersive, and its success has been significantly boosted by an extensive range of merchandise such as the plush toys. This upcoming release of the Elephant Mario could be a game-changer, amplifying the players' connection to the game and granting them tangible tokens of their in-game adventures. With the plushie priced at 3300 yen (approximately £18 / $22), it provides an affordable entry point for fans looking to grow their Nintendo collections.

It's all part of Nintendo and San-ei Boeki's commitment to providing lasting game merchandise that embodies the gaming experience's thrill while witnessing the enjoyment it brings to players' faces. This jumbo-sized reminder of everyone's favorite Italian plumber turned elephant is just one more item fans will be able to hold on to long after their gaming sessions have ended.

The Elephant Mario plushie comes as an assurance that Nintendo continues to prioritize fan engagement and customer satisfaction. They cater to gaming enthusiasts by offering them tangible pieces of their beloved games, mirroring the heroes and adventures they admire. With this delightful new addition, fans can bring their game world closer, celebrating and cherishing their favorite Super Mario Bros. character in a whole new way.

As fans eagerly wait for more details about the Elephant Mario's availability, one thing is certain: Nintendo continues to bring joy to fans worldwide by creating immersive, engaging, and memorable gaming experiences. With merchandise like this plushie, they give enthusiasts the chance to celebrate, remember, and recount the adventures they've encountered in the diverse world of Super Mario Bros. Wonder will be a hard wait, but until then, the anticipation is certainly part of the fun.

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