Puzzle & Dragons collaborates with Dengeki Bunko for a limited-time event filled with exciting dungeons, new characters, and special in-game rewards to celebrate the publisher's milestone anniversary.

Puzzle & Dragons Celebrates Dengeki Bunko's 30th Anniversary

Puzzle & Dragons, the popular match-3 puzzle RPG by GungHo Online Entertainment, is commemorating a significant event in the world of Japanese light novels. The game has launched a special collaboration to celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Dengeki Bunko, a prominent Japanese publishing imprint known for its light novels. The limited-time crossover event has introduced a plethora of new content and opportunities for players to experience a blend of match-3 gameplay and light novel culture until December 18th.

As part of the festivities, characters from beloved Dengeki Bunko series are crossing over into the Puzzle & Dragons universe. For the duration of the event, players can summon fan favorites like Shana from Shakugan no Shana, Kamijo Toma from A Certain Magical Index, and Tatsuya Shiba from The Irregular at Magic High School. These protagonists are up for grabs in the 7 Magic Stones! Dengeki Bunko Egg Machine and the Dengeki Bunko Memorial Egg Machine, providing players a rare chance to enhance their rosters with iconic characters from Dengeki Bunko’s storied history.

In addition to the character crossovers, the event boasts five exclusive dungeons. The highlight is the Dengeki Bunko dungeon, where players have the opportunity to compete for the prestigious Dengeki Bunko Collab Medal - Gold. This medal is not just a collectible item but can be used to unlock special features and bonuses within the game. To kick off their journey in this event, players receive a complimentary pull from the Dengeki Bunko Memorial Egg Machine when they clear the Seal & Science & Magic-Expert floor for the first time.

A particularly enticing challenge is the Accelerator Descended! Dungeon, named after the iconic character from the Toaru series. In this dungeon, participants are tasked with defeating formidable bosses, with a guaranteed Accelerator character drop upon completion. Another dedicated event dungeon is the Dengeki Bunko 30th Anniversary Challenge! Here, players can enjoy a 100% drop rate for certain rewards when their team is led by a character from the Dengeki Bunko collaboration.

Beyond the dungeons and character summons, the anniversary event comes supplemented with an array of additional in-game events and limited-time bundles designed to engage both new and seasoned players. With more rewards to claim and special items to collect, this celebratory crossover offers a treasure trove of excitement for fans of both Puzzle & Dragons and Dengeki Bunko’s light novels.

For veterans of the game and newcomers alike, the familiar match-3 gameplay of Puzzle & Dragons is now ingrained with the rich narrative tapestry of some of Dengeki Bunko's most celebrated series. Joining the celebration is as simple as downloading the game from the iOS App Store or the Google Play Store for Android devices. Puzzle & Dragons is free to play, although it does contain in-app purchases which can enhance the gameplay experience.

Staying connected with the broader Puzzle & Dragons community is a breeze, too. Players can follow the official Puzzle & Dragons North America Twitter account for the latest news and event updates. Moreover, the game's community converges on the official Facebook page, which serves as a hub for sharing strategies, celebrating victories, and meeting fellow fans. For a more comprehensive look at the game's mechanics, events, and updates, the official Puzzle & Dragons website is a reliable resource.

The collaboration with Dengeki Bunko marks a significant milestone in Puzzle & Dragons' history, merging traditional gameplay with the imaginative worlds penned by the authors of Dengeki Bunko. It's not only a celebration of the publisher's three decades of influence in the light novel industry but also an homage to the passionate fandom that has supported these series over the years. Whether you're a die-hard fan of light novels or simply seeking a fresh twist on Puzzle & Dragons, the Dengeki Bunko 30th Anniversary event promises an engaging adventure for all interested parties. Download the game now and immerse yourself in this unique crossover escapade before it concludes.

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