GTA 6 teases players with subtle callbacks and humorous nods. We highlight 8 Easter eggs hidden in the game's first trailer, with more to dissect before its release.

Dissecting GTA 6 Trailer: 8 Hidden Details Unveiled

With the release of the hotly anticipated Grand Theft Auto 6 (GTA 6) trailer, players and fans have been meticulously poring over every second to uncover any Easter eggs or hidden jokes that Rockstar has sneakily embedded. As expected, the trailer is a treasure trove of details, indicating that the developers' sharp wit and cultural commentary remain intact. Here, we discuss at least eight Easter eggs spotted in the brief yet densely packed preview of the upcoming game set for release in 2025 on PS5.

The opening shot of the trailer features a plane banner with a cryptic message, "Why sixty-nine when you can nine 1 nine?" This is classic Rockstar, teasing and taunting its audience with risqué humor. The presence of the banner indicates the continuation of Rockstar's tongue-in-cheek approach to societal quirks and prompts players to look beyond the surface for hidden meanings.

A modern phenomenon that seems to have found its way into GTA 6 is influencer culture. Early in the trailer, there's a short clip that appears to mimic TikTok, showing a man enthusiastically photographing his partner's backside. This sneak peek suggests that social media and its attendant culture will be a significant element in the game's storytelling and world-building.

Automotive aficionados have always had a place in GTA, and the trailer does not disappoint. Among the fleet of vehicles, the Cheetah stands out—a mainstay since GTA 3, modeled after the iconic Ferrari Testarossa. In a nod to vanity plates, this Cheetah has "CH33TAH" emblazoned on its license plate. Adjacent to the Cheetah, viewers can spot a quirky detail—a man casually seated with an iguana on his shoulder—highlighting the game's commitment to eccentricity.

The trail of Easter eggs leads us to a spoof billboard advertisement for a pharmaceutical product called Angstipan, hailed to "cure emotions." The humor continues in the fine print, which lists outrageous side effects and satirical health warnings, which players have come to anticipate from Rockstar's parodies of pharmaceutical marketing.

GTA 6 also holds a mirror to recognizable public figures. There's a sequence featuring a criminal that closely resembles the infamous Florida Joker—complete with the tattoos and obsession with the character played by Jared Leto. This reference is further reinforced by the police badge in the backdrop, which closely resembles Florida's law enforcement insignia.

Weazel News makes a comeback in GTA 6, the in-game news network that is a thinly veiled parody of Fox News. And it's not just the main stories that matter—the news ticker at the bottom includes gems like a “Florida Man” headline, continuing the cultural meme of outlandish news stories emanating from the Sunshine State.

Rockstar Games is known for its fictional brands, and Pißwasser, the satirical beer brand, returns with a new addition—Pißwasser Nein, the non-alcoholic variant. This time, the fake beverage company markets itself as hangover-free, playing into the health-conscious trends without forfeiting Rockstar's sardonic take on consumer culture.

Lastly, a detailed convenience store door reveals a policy change that appears hilarious and bizarre: "We no longer accept cash stored in underwear." The door also showcases a Tom Petty bumper sticker, paying homage to the musician featured in the trailer's soundtrack, as well as a nod to the Illuminati—a secretive group that has been referenced throughout the GTA series.

Every inch of the GTA 6 trailer teems with Rockstar's signature humor, provocative commentary, and cultural references. From the acknowledgment of social media's growing influence to the jabs at various aspects of American life, GTA 6 seems poised to deliver a rich, satirical experience for players. Although we've only scratched the surface with these eight Easter eggs, the trailer is sure to hold even more secrets waiting to be discovered as we inch closer to the game's release.

Until GTA 6 is finally in our hands, fans will undoubtedly continue to dissect every bit of information available. Spotting these hidden Easter eggs and speculating about what they could mean for the gameplay experience is just the beginning of a long journey filled with anticipation and excitement for what is certain to be a landmark release in the gaming industry. What other secrets does the GTA 6 trailer hold? Only time—and the meticulous eyes of the gaming community—will tell.

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