Sony launches cloud streaming for PS5 games to PS Plus Premium subscribers in North America, enhancing game accessibility and offering higher streaming quality.

PS5 Cloud Streaming Rolls Out for PS Plus Premium in North America

Sony takes cloud-based gaming to greater heights with the rollout of the PlayStation 5 (PS5) cloud streaming service in North America for PlayStation Plus (PS Plus) Premium subscribers. Since the feature has been successively introduced in Europe, Japan, and finally in North America, it has further bolstered the functionality of PS Plus Premium across these regions. Herein, games that are eligible for this feature will be showcased with a distinctive icon on the dashboard.

To access the cloud streaming services, PS Plus subscribers can navigate to the PS Plus tab on the console's main menu. Alternatively, they can head over to the product page of titles lodged in their Game Library. That being said, it is crucial to note that the feature does not extend to all games – its compatibility varies from title to title. To facilitate first-time users, Sony has incorporated the functionality into selected time-limited Game Trials. This allows gamers to experience a title without the need to download the substantial game files.

This upgrade in service sees Sony amping the streaming quality greatly, paving the way for users to play in a resolution of 2160p at 60 frames-per-second – contingent upon sufficient bandwidth. To leverage this feature fully, gamers would require at least a 52mbps internet connection, which might necessitate an upgraded internet plan.

An early test of the cloud streaming feature with Gotham Knights proved to be successful. This raises important questions for gamers: Will they utilize this functionality? If so, under what circumstances would they opt for streaming PS5 games over the cloud?

The potential benefits of this new feature are quite significant. It enhances accessibility and convenience for gamers, who now have the freedom to stream select games without having to commit to downloading large game files. This is particularly useful for game trials, PS+ games, and similar scenarios where users may want to try out a game without the immediate certainty of continuing with it.

However, like every technological advancement, cloud streaming too has its limitations. It is reliant on the quality of the user's internet connection, and will not be as seamless an experience for those with slower online speeds. Despite this, the introduction of PS5 cloud streaming for PS Plus Premium members is a significant move forward into the realm of cloud-based gaming, opening up new ways of experiencing PlayStation games.

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