The 3DS system gets a surprise with the physical release of the game Shakedown: Hawaii. Two versions to be available for pre-order and sale on November 6th, 2023.

VBlank to Launch Physical Version of Shakedown: Hawaii on 3DS

Just when everyone thought that the days of new releases for the 3DS were over, companies continue to surprise enthusiasts. This time, the excitement is stirred by VBlank, announcing a physical version of Shakedown: Hawaii. Arrival of this exciting game will take place on November 6th, with pre-orders starting on the same day.

The game is priced at $29.99 USD for the standard edition and $49.99 USD for the Collector's Edition. Both versions offer a cartridge, featuring the latest updates, along with a manual. The Collector's Edition provides additional fun, containing an action figure and a soundtrack CD. Only 6,000 copies will be available; split evenly between the standard and Collector's Editions.

Interestingly, the cartridge will be region-locked and can only be operated on North American 3DS and 2DS systems. This unique item will be available through RobaRoba store.

This physical version of Shakedown: Hawaii, aside from the usual gaming aspects, also offers a fresh change for 3DS users. It is a return to physical cartridges which has it's own brand of nostalgia. This physical version of the action-adventure series introduces an extra element of curiosity, as the standard version and exclusive Collector's Edition entices fans with more than just gaming; it offers a slice of collectible memorabilia.

The launch and availability date of the physical version of Shakedown: Hawaii adds to the thrills. November 6th, 2023, marks the beginning of the availability od the much-anticipated game. With a launch time of 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm UK, the game is sure to make waves immediately upon its release.

This unexpected announcement is certainly refreshing news for people who appreciate the experience of gaming on a 3DS. It restores the joy of holding a physical L cartridge, and reinforces the message that surprises can still come out of platforms considered by some as being in their sunset years. Plus, the release of Shakedown: Hawaii is more than just another game release - it's a nod to the enduring appeal of the 3DS, and a sure-fire sign that the 3DS still has a lot to offer.

Shakedown: Hawaii, with its upcoming physical version, is sure to renew the excitement of playing on a 3DS and create a fresh buzz among the fans. Whether you are in it for the gameplay or the unique collectibles of the Collector's Edition, this surprise release will undoubtedly add a spark to the gaming world, adding charm to the ongoing relevance of the 3DS systems.

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