Sony continues to strengthen PlayStation Plus Premium by adding Platinum Trophies to classic retro releases, enhancing the gaming experiences for its subscribers.

PlayStation Plus Premium Adds New Trophies

Sony has proved their commitment to enhancing the PlayStation Plus Premium (PS Plus Premium) offering, adding new Platinum Trophies for retro additions Kurushi Final and Ape Escape Academy. This recent update adds a new layer of thrill and challenge for gaming enthusiasts. While Sony initially received criticism for not delivering the promised value on the PS Plus Premium, the addition of trophies for classic games is evidence of their dedication to continuous improvement.

Kurushi Final, the sequel to the brain-bending game Intelligent Qube, offers 20 new Trophies, almost half of which involve completing every stage in the game. On the other hand, Ape Escape Academy engages players with the challenge of winning all its mini-games to unlock enticing rewards. One such mini-game is the hilariously named Gran Turismonkey mode where players must wash their car in record time. The thrill of unlocking these trophies is designed to bring a new sense of challenge and achievement, reminiscing the old-school gaming experiences.

However, unlocking these new Platinum Trophies is not a complicated task besides setting aside time to play through the games. This makes the trophies an enjoyable add-on rather than an overwhelming distraction, balancing the fun and the challenges of playing the old-time favourites.

In a disappointing turn, it appears that Bandai Namco has decided against enriching their retro games Tekken 6 and SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny with digital trinkets. These two titles resurface as a part of PSP re-releases, but will miss the trend of Platinum Trophies, possibly adding a hint of disappointment for the fans.

Despite this, the arrival of new Trophies for old favourites is still a positive step forward for the PS Plus Premium. It deepens the gameplay experience, offers new challenges for gamers and indicates Sony's continuous efforts in strengthening its service.

Ultimately, the introduction of Platinum Trophies is a testament to Sony's dedication to enhance the PlayStation Plus Premium service, improving on initial criticisms. The continuous improvement and addition to the gaming experience show Sony's commitment to its users and provides additional value to the PS Plus Premium subscribers. It is evident that Sony is aligning its strategy with user's expectations, aiming for a broader and more engaging platform for the gaming community.

The Platinum Trophies signal a fresh and compelling reason to explore or revisit these classic games. Whether old fans or new gamers, everyone now has the opportunity to experience added dimensions of fun and challenges while navigating through their favourite retro games. With Sony's continuous enhancement of PlayStation Plus Premium, it would be interesting to see what new additions the future holds for the gaming community.

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