Korean-developed Souls-like game 'Lies of P' celebrates hitting a milestone with sales crossing the one million units worldwide less than a month from its launch.

Lies of P Sales Exceed Million Mark Worldwide

The unexpected triumph of a relatively new player in the global gaming stage, the Souls-like game Lies of P, is nothing short of extraordinary. Hitting the one million mark in sales around the world in less than a month from its debut is a testament to both the quality of the game and its positive reception among gamers. It's worth noting that this figure only accounts for the game's sold units, without factoring in downloads via Xbox Game Pass.

The game's impressive success is a source of delight and an affirmation of the hard work put in by developers Neowiz and Round8 Studio. Co-CEO of Neowiz, Seungchul Kim, expressed sentiments of pride and achievement in a statement: “This incredible milestone for Lies of P proves the potential of Korean console games on the global stage." He further emphasized the ambitious nature of the project and expressed joy at the title’s success.

The game’s director, Jiwon Choi, shared the same positive outlook. He highlighted the fantastic response they received from the gaming community and expressed gratitude for the more than one million players who dove into the journey through Krat. In addition, Choi expressed excitement in anticipation of the future prospects for Lies of P, promising to share more updates when the appropriate time comes.

The unabashed success of Lies of P is not without merit. The game is not just a commercial success but also an artistic achievement. Its meticulous design and immersive gameplay strike a delicate balance that captivates its players. Our review of the Lies of P on PS5 dubbed it as a “first-class experience". In contrast to the game's evident complexity, which typically would have come from a developer with multiple attempts at the Souls-like genre, the game fatefully is Round8 Studio’s inaugural attempt.

It's a triumphant moment for a new developer entering the crowded market of gaming and pulling off a feat of giant-like proportions, especially in the popular and competitive Souls-like genre. The accomplishment also signals a bright future for Korean console games on the global stage, inspiring other developers from the region and around the world.

The news of crossing the million-unit threshold in sales also brings joy to the community of passionate gamers who found their favourite escape in the world of Krat in Lies of P. As they continue their journey, the game’s developers are eagerly preparing for what future holds, creating an exciting space for unveiling more surprises and fresh adventures in the land of Krat and beyond.

Indeed, the exciting success story of Lies of P, a Korean game that swept global gamers off their feet, is a testimony to what talented developers can accomplish when they creatively blend art and technology together. And with the achievement of Neowiz and Round8 Studio, we can eagerly anticipate more great things from the vibrant world of Korean console gaming.

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