SavySoda's highly anticipated sequel, Pixel Starships 2, zooms past its Kickstarter goal in a lightning-fast 24 hours, promising out-of-this-world gaming adventures.

Pixel Starships 2 Hyperdrives Past Kickstarter Goal in a Day

In the vast virtual cosmos of mobile gaming, the bright comet better known as Pixel Starships 2 recently entered the Kickstarter space and, faster than you can say 'hyperdrive', smashed its $25,000 star-shaped Kickstarter goal within 24 hours. The SavySoda team, upon seeing their funding hurtle beyond their budgetary event horizon, probably wisecracked their way through several happy dances. At last count, their victorious ship was cruising comfortably at $65,000, proving once again that in the gaming universe, money is as plentiful as space dust.

For any earth-dwelling humans who have yet to hear of this phenomenon, Pixel Starships is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) in which players navigate the delicate art of starship management. And we're not talking simple diaper-changing management here, in this game, players create a magnetizing force of over 10 million space adventurers.

With the thrill of victory still fresh in their helmets, the SavySoda team is already eagerly planning to improve on their original interstellar success. Promises of enhanced graphics, deeper strategy potential, and novel ways to rub shoulder pads with fellow spaceship commanders are already flooding the communication channels. Still, despite these shiny new upgrades, the intrinsic elements that garnered the original so much love remain untouched.

Stepping into the virtual moon boots of a starship captain, players strategically utilize their crew's unique skills and idiosyncrasies, a la Captain Picard dealing with a friendly, yet often befuddled Data. With a crew full of skillful and complex characters, your journey to explore the universe, improve the ship and engage in Player vs Player(PvP) battles becomes an intergalactic rollercoaster ride.

As challenging as it sounds though, not everything in the Pixel Starships universe needs to be a solo mission. The options for alliances give solo space wanderers a chance to form illuminating bonds with other astronauts, a comforting thought as no one likes floating through the expansive universe all by their lonesome.

Should this starlit voyage sound like your cup of extraterrestrial tea, you now have the chance to support the mission and become a part of the expedition. '\Backer' rewards for this project range from exclusive early-bird game access, prestigious credit mentions, unique in-game items to even owning in-game celestial bodies. (Now who wouldn't want to own Saturn!)

Pixel Starships 2, currently in the Kickstarter's successful boosters phase, has already passed its initial target and is now nearing the stratosphere of super-funded projects. Gamers can look forward to landing this exciting sequel on both mobile and PC platforms sometime in 2024. For eager fans, wishing lists are open on Steam and, for the most recent updates, you can follow the SavySoda interstellar journey on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Watch out for black holes and may the force of successful gaming be with you all.

Oh, if this has sparked an interest in MMORPGs, there’s a constellation of other games waiting to be explored on Android. Happy gaming fellow earthlings!

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