Phobies jumps on the Halloween train with their Symphony of the Undead update, introducing ghoulish new characters, spine-chilling maps, and blood-curdling challenges, all boasting rewarding treats.

Phobies Gets the Halloween Spirit with Spooky Update

The creators at Smoking Gun Interactive must fancy themselves kind of like Dr. Frankenstein because they've just announced a new update for their turn-based tactical game, Phobies. Symphony of the Undead will bring Phobies to life (or uh, afterlife) with a medley of creepy additions that will even have Dracula checking under his coffin.

Now, let's meet our nine new undead darlings. First up, there's the Mummy, who parents a generation of eerie offspring across the battleground. Not your cup of bat’s blood? No problem. We've got the Conductor, a charismatic character who juices up the energy-sucking rate of your zombie pals, making them livelier, happier, and even harder to kill (yay!). Lastly, let's sink our teeth into Jaws, a friendly feeder who eats his co-ghosts to serve out more smackdowns. These additions promise to keep the game's existing strategy on its toes - or its disembodied, dragging zombie foot, whatever you prefer.

But what's a symphony without an auditorium, right? The update also introduces seven new venues for a hair-raising concert. Keeping with the motif of petrifying pettiness, they've fashioned the stages around the theme of pet cemetery. Two of these are crowd-sourced (a.k.a the community's chilling contribution), and we're absolutely loving the graveyard grunge they bring. But the showstopper has to be the conveyor belt map. It's more of a discomforting carousel ride that lets you shoo away your opponent's Phobies to nightmarish nooks.

However, the true cherry on this sundae of scares would be the arrival of the largest Phobies event to date. This epic four-week run will have you engage in a duel with hordes of the undead for a jackpot of prizes and rewards. Apparently, it's the most generous Smoking Gun Interactive has ever been - kind of like Santa, if he wore a dark cloak and had an undying devotion to bats.

So, whether you're an iOS, Android, or desktop general, get your hands on this hair-raising, free-to-play Halloween treat. The Symphony of the Undead update is all set to haunt your screens, making this the scariest gaming experience since you forgot to save your progress before the final boss. Phobies, here's to hoping you scare our pants off! Download now from the App Store, Google Play, or if you're old school, directly from Steam. Don’t wait till the witching hour; grab it now and let the undead madness begin.

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