It's a French connection made in gaming heaven as Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty players yearn for romance with enigmatic NPC Aurore.

Players' Hearts Pitter-Patter for Phantom Liberty's Aurore

Oh, digital love, thou art a fickle beast! In the expansion of Cyberpunk 2077, a certain character has been giving players serious heart eyes. Meet Aurore, the belle de jour of Phantom Liberty.

Wandering into the shiny abyss of the Black Sapphire, players' alter ego 'V' stumbles upon the enticing twins, Aymeric and Aurore, placed by chance or fate at a gambling table. But while Aymeric is a perfectly pleasant NPC, it’s mademoiselle Aurore who seems to have captured the hearts (or, more specifically, the thumbs) of the gaming community.

Pourquoi Aurore, you ask? Well, her charm lies not just in her irresistible French accent (let's be honest, who could resist a "bonjour"?), but her enchanting flirtatiousness. She weaves an engaging web around V, sliding sinuously by the gambling table to create a bubbling, pixilated chemistry that no geometric-shape-slider can replicate. Trust us, she knows how to roll the dice.

What's more, her playful flirting isn't just reserved for our hero. She even bats her metaphorical eyelashes at Kurt Hansen, one of the bigwigs in Phantom Liberty. An arms dealer with a daring sense of flirtation? No wonder the players are panting in their gaming chairs for a date option.

Before you misjudge us, we’re well aware that gaming forums aren’t the highest standard of decorum, but oh-em-gee, the comments on Aurore's Subreddit posts can be a tad... excessive. Let's just say a majority range from the cruder side of admiration to desperate pleas for a dinner date with our seductive digital femme. This just in: restraint has officially left the chat.

Pause for comedic effect. Get your minds out of the gutter and on to the fact that Aurore isn’t the only obsession gamers have found in Phantom Liberty. Apparently, there's an Alien Isolation-esque horror mission hidden in the expansion, lurking in the darkest cavern of the game. And trust us, if you thought Aurore's flirtation was nerve-racking, just wait until you meet the Spider Mech.

So there you have it. A rundown of the new gaming crush turning players’ hearts into a situation best described as 'Lost in Translation'. If this isn't the pinnacle of digital romance, we don't know what is. However, remember to take a break from the game, and recall that while Aurore is lovely, so are sunsets, the smell of fresh fruit, and interacting with actual human beings. Look after those screen-weary eyes, gamers.

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