Start pre-ordering your physical copies of Persona 4 Golden through Limited Run Games, available from 27th October until 10th December. Grab this modern classic for your collection.

Limited Physical Release of Persona 4 Golden Begins

The popular JRPG, Persona 4 Golden, is making waves once again - this time for a limited physical run. The tactile version of this fan-favorite game is made available through Limited Run games, aligning perfectly with the limited availability ethos. The game boasts immense popularity among refining Japanese role-playing game (JRPG) lovers and enthusiasts of creative game boxes. These fans will undoubtedly want to seize the opportunity presented between the 27th of October and the 10th of December this year, when pre-orders for these physical copies become available.

Patrons are offered two standout choices. They can simply choose the standard boxed version of the game or opt for a more unique option, the "Golden Grimoire" edition. This particular edition comes with a specially designed book box, a slipcover, and a collectible SteelBook case.

For the dedicated fans, a must-have will undeniably be the Midnight Channel Edition. This premium version of the game costs a hefty USD $199.99 (around £165). The enticing package includes a physical copy of Persona 4 Golden, a Lenticular Midnight Channel box, a Grimoire book box, and an official Persona 4 Golden soundtrack. Also included in this ultimate fan package are a premium trading card set, Yu Naurkami's glasses with a display stand, an All-Out Attack 3D shadow box, a metal Teddie statuette, a SteelBook, and a Persona 4 Golden ending photo. A Midnight Channel lapel pin and an individually numbered certificate of authenticity give the finishing touches to this collector's dream.

In addition to the main game, Limited Run Games is providing fans with a variety of attractive P4G merchandise. Among the lineup are premium apparel and a skate deck in the special P4G design. Extra special is the unique Nitro Deck created by popular designer, crkdgg.

The limited physical run of Persona 4 Golden is a dream come true for any dedicated fans of the game, presenting them with a unique chance to own a physical copy of this modern classic. Each element of the items included in the packages is designed with extreme care and detail, ensuring that each piece is a worthy collector's item. From the vibrant slipcovers to the ornate book boxes, and especially the premium merchandise, it's guaranteed to send aficionados of Persona 4 Golden into a frenzy.

Limited Run Games provides an exciting means for fans to express their love for the game, effectively allowing these fans to bring their digital gaming experience into the tangible world. This initiative brings a new depth to the Persona 4 Golden experience, enabling fans to clutch a piece of this exciting game universe not just in their hearts and minds, but in their hands as well.

The availability window for these pre-orders may be limited, but the thrill of owning a piece of Persona 4 Golden history is bound to create enduring excitement in the hearts of its fandom. Let the countdown to the 27th of October begin!

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