An astrological anomaly in Starfield wears off the sheen of luxury penthouse living, leaving inhabitants armor-less and miserable.

Penthouse Catastrophe in Starfield's New Atlantis

Whoever said "nothing could go wrong" buying a penthouse in Starfield's New Atlantis must be in a blackhole right now. Moving to an extra-terrestrial property comes with its own big bang of problems, as owners are waking up to bare living rooms and empty chests. WHAM! More exciting than a supernova explosion and just as destructive - say adios to "a couple of thousand pieces of stellar armor/weaponry/misc items."

Imagine opening your ultra-tech Starfield apartment to find out that your treasure trove has evaporated into thin cosmic dust. Subtle sarcasm from one owner reads, "It was all furnished with chests and sh*t". Funny, it took a decade for Bethesda to turn this mechanic into a black comedy!

Why is this cataclysm happening? An enthusiastic Starfield player simplifies it thus, "there's two (or three, maybe?) times that the New Atlantis overworld gets reset," somewhat like the apartment's cycle of cosmic menstruation, flushing out everything. They say timing is everything, so future penthouse owners, better finish the High Price To Pay quest and the UC Vanguard quests before you dive into the world of zero-gravity luxury.

Once the spaceport goes through its beauty salon time, with a makeover, the entire map resets to its 'default' state and as our star-lit penthouse is on the overworld layer, it gets a dragging too. The alien architecture there, however, suggests that the other properties in New Atlantis are safe from such calamities, as they exist in their own "instanced load zone". Except for the apartment in The Well which, let's be honest, is caught up in some spoilery quest that nobody cares for.

Let's spill the cosmic tea - New Atlantis is a bore! Everything from the auto-translated alien chit-chat to the gas station sushi is yawn-inducing, so save your credits for a more exciting celestial neighborhood. If you like DIY, consider building your own home, or get yourself a loophole map of the gaming universe. With our Starfield outposts guide, you'll be better equipped... as long as you're not in New Atlantis.

Folks, remember, New Atlantis is a maze – one wrong turn, and you're caught in a wormhole, back to the start of the dreadfully complicated New Game Plus. But remember what they say, “Every setback is a setup for a comeback!" So, gear up, looking at the bright stars, make that spectacular comeback. Don’t let these cosmic hiccups hinder your quest for intergalactic domination. Happy gaming and may the force be with you!

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