Matt Owens, One Piece showrunner, teases juicy details on season two's development and plotline, causing fans to brace themselves for the voyage.

One Piece Showrunner Dishes Out Season Two Gossip

Welcome aboard the good ship Monkey D. Luffy, One Piece fans! Matt Owens, the show's captain (otherwise known as the showrunner), has thrown over a life buoy of much-required updates on the show's second voyage, I mean season.

Speaking with the attention of a seadog telling a tale in a sailor's tavern, Owens reported to Deadline, "The writers' room is up and almost billowing, yes, producing scripts so we can plunge into design work, scheduling, and pre-production, all that delicious maritime stuff." Sounds like a treasure map is being inked as we speak!

As he swabbed the deck further, Owens revealed, "We kickstarted our season 2 writers' room before setting sail, outlined the charted course, but that's about it. We're still hoisting the sails, so no finalized scripts yet. We need a fair wind and a good sea." Seems like the second voyage is still loading its cannons.

Ever a fan of our favorite pirate manga maestro, Owens didn't steer clear of One Piece's original creator. "Now that the maiden voyage is behind us, we’re sifting through the lessons learned, planning the next course, and keeping the map in good repair with Oda's assistance."

Owens also hinted at what this new voyage holds for our beloved, straw-hatted swashbuckler, Monkey D. Luffy (magnificently personified by Iñaki Godoy). By the compass, fans, brace for impact! "Without revealing any new shipmates, ahem, characters, the challenge of leadership will be the wind in Luffy’s sails this coming season," slipped our cagey captain.

No day at sea is without its storms, and it sounds like Luffy and his scurvy crew are in for a squall of trials and tribulations. "Luffy’s got his crew, they're on the course to the Grand Line. They're living the dream, but with it comes a sea storm of responsibility. This conundrum of command ties into other gripping yarns and characters that I won’t spill the beans on just yet," Owens added.

As we gauge the wind for One Piece's Season 2 to dock on Netflix shores, try surviving the suspense by boarding our guide to the other best Netflix shows waiting for a slot on your watchlist. All aboard the excitement, mateys!

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