If Faster Than Light and Slay the Spire had a baby, it'd be Earthless. The amusing blend of cosmic catastrophe and card-based strategy.

Earthless: When Space Oddity meets Card Dealing Chaos

You know how mimicry is the highest form of flattery? Well, we've got a videogame here that seems to be hitting some serious "imitation" notes as it sets out to co-mingle the best bits of two legendary roguelike titles, Faster Than Light (FTL) and Slay the Spire. They're calling it Earthless, and as far as interstellar catastrophic fire drills in an unexpected solar expansion go, it's looking to be quite the ride!

Earthless presents a comedic mashup of FTL's spaceship navigations and Slay the Spire's card-based strategy. Imagine yourself stuck on a spaceship with a crew that throws coins to decide whether to have chicken or pasta for dinner, while the world you once knew evaporates faster than a popsicle on a hot planet. Your very own, world-ending story. The only exit plan? Navigate through hostile territories and unruly space forces using your astute deck of cards. Every decision you make is akin to diffusing a volatile cosmic bomb - one wrong wire and BOOM!

Here's something to tickle your entertainment tastebuds, a teaser of a boss fight breaking the monotony of the interstellar commute. The trailer leaves us in exciting anticipation, flashing glimpses of the impending blend of strategy and gut-wrenching, painstaking decisions all served under the theme of galactic apocalypse.

Your spaceship adventure isn’t just about battling it out with life-threatening forces. Much like a spacey version of "The Office", Earthless will have you juggling roles and managing your crewmates as your spaceship relentlessly hurls away from Earth. And let's not forget the game is brought to you by none other than Blackbird Interactive, padding its astrological gaming credentials after bringing us the phenomenal Hardspace: Shipbreaker and the still-baking Homeworld 3.

Blackbird humorously assured one mischievous tweeter that the creation of Earthless isn’t the culprit behind the delay of Homeworld 3, phew! The roguelike is being worked on by a smaller crew compared to the mega team assembling the anticipated celestial strategy game.

Currently, Earthless is on track to launch its early access on PC via Steam next year in 2024. Until then, to keep your FOMO at bay, you can add this amusing cosmic caper to your Steam wishlist. For those of you needing a roguelike fix right now, go on and explore our guide to the best of the genre and laugh your way through countless hours of task-juggling and card-flipping.

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