Hell has frozen over, pigs are flying and an old school RuneScape team becomes the first to max their accounts just shy of a two-year stint.

Rockstars of Runescape: 5-Man Crew Masters The Game Fast

And here it is folks! The day pigs finally soared through the azure expanse. The day Hell turned into a giant ice pop. The day a five-man team actually maxed out all their accounts in Old School RuneScape's Group Ironman mode, not long after its second anniversary. Hold onto your hats because the victory lap has just begun.

Reddit user iDrunk-potentially still recovering from the dizzying heights of success- trumpet out this news on the bustling Old School RuneScape subreddit this week. So, who are these digital heroes? Meet the crew, the champions, the Iron-men: “Dennys Dad”, “Dennys Fat”, “LostAfterMax”, the tastefully named "*sigh* Boobs Mom", and of course iDrunk. Fighting, building, exploring, our heroic cluster reached the dazzling total level of 2,277. Since this game update was released on October 6, 2021, our chaps have broken the two-year hurdle with days to spare.

For those of us blessed with less gaming prowess, let's break this down. The Group Ironman high scores now flaunts the group's Prestige status - something only possible if all five players had been with the team right from the chicken's morning crow. Although Ironman groups can embrace new members, they won’t glitter with Prestige and would endure some trading privation for a while to preserve those precious account integrity.

To clarify, they are the first five-player group to max. No four-player groups have achieved this yet and the second-place five-player group’s last member is lagging 55 levels behind. Countdown's on, folks. Old School RuneScape morphs traditional MMOs with Ironman mode, a playstyle which forbids trading items with others; you have to earn all your trinkets yourself. Quite the social experiment!

Now, add Group Ironman to the mix where sharing is limited to your own merry band. This survival thriller tosses in an extra dash of drama, where all players are like Tom Hanks in Castaway - survival is about making every move count.

Let's paint a picture: you're all marooned on an island. Some would be prepping sushi (training the Hunter and Fishing Skills), others building treehouse dreams (training Construction), while others seek new adventures (unlocking area-specific resources). The fifth member would then counter ad infinitum lion attacks (or should I say farming bosses for drops).

What absolutely shakes my circuits is that "4guys1denny" not only leapfrogged all four- and five-player teams to max, they also have Prestige status. It's like they managed a whole week without anyone saying, "Sorry, can’t come, my sister's hamster’s cousin’s owner is turning 90.” Think about it, always showing up to play the same game, with the same people. That's the gaming equivalent of meticulously synchronizing five schedules to run a D&D or Baldur's Gate 3 campaign.

Meanwhile, back in the real world, the notion of organizing my friends to stick to a schedule longer than a pizza delivery estimate feels about as likely as a snowball's chance in...well, Old School Runescape’s summer heat wave, apparently.

Earlier this year, OSRS had to be temporarily put on a gaming sabbatical, as cheeky gamers made mischief and crashed everyone's game with a 14-year-old tradition. Ah, strange times indeed. Let's just hope "4guys1denny" haven't given the rest of us any ideas...

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