Chatterboxes rejoiced as Square Enix breaks 26-year-long suspense revealing true pronunciation of Cait Sith in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, sending cheeks a-twittering!

The Curtain Drops on 26-Year-Old Final Fantasy Debate

It's official. Square Enix, the master puppeteers behind the enchanting world of Final Fantasy 7, have rung down the curtain on an endless debate that lasted more than two decades, and it all revolves around the pronunciation of everyone's favourite cat-like creature, Cait Sith.

In a world drenched in mystery and magic, there's only one question on everyone's lips: How in the seven hells do you pronounce Cait Sith? In a tweet that could've been equally groundbreaking as a revolutionary spell in the FF7 universe, Square Enix soothingly said, "Put down your swords, fans. In Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, Cait Sith is pronounced... wait for it... 'Kate Sihth!'"

And just like that, the gaming giant skilfully assassinated a war of GIFs fiercer than any showdown you've witnessed in Midgar. This conundrum has baffled many a eyebrow furrowed gaming enthusiast since Cait Sith first claw pounced his way onto the scene 26 years ago.

Cait Sith, for the uninitiated, is a valuable dice-throwing team player in the prestigious squad of Final Fantasy 7. Originating from ashy Scottish folklore, the cat-sìth—which in the Gaelic tongue croons like "ket shee," strutted his feline elegance in a brief sneaky cameo at the end of the first game. Ever since, he's gracefully sauntered his way to a more significant role in the imminent Rebirth.

Unfortunately, since most characters in the original game were mute, no mere mortal had ever comprehended the true incantation of Cait Sith's name out loud. Many a humble player resorted to 'Kate Sihth', while scarf-wearing, pipe-smoking superfans were quick to promote the 'ket shee' doctrine. Subsequent games introduced our whiskered buddy with an adorable Scottish accent, but his true name remained as elusive as a heath in bloom.

But now gamers can breathe a sigh of relief, or a roar of confusion for linguistic purists. The 26-year-long debate over pronunciation has become as irrelevant as a poorly executed summon—It's 'Kate Sihth'. Making it as slightly offbeat as the guise of our darling Lady Dimitrescu, whose traditional name had the creators take a creative and far more enigmatic spin in Resident Evil Village.

But here's a secret that will send shockwaves through the gold saucer: you're free as a chocobo to pronounce it however you want. It won't let you lose any gamer points nor will it detain you at the Cosmo Canyon checkpoint. I mean, who's going to stop you? Especially, when, as some rogue players, you insist on calling FF10 lead Tidus, Tidus, or even Thigh-Duss.

To find out more on what awaits in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, have a chuckle at our preview before the game swoops in and captures your heart like a Moogle in a frenzy - be warned, our list of the best JRPGs might just have a new favourite entry!

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