One notably nostalgic Starfield player has channeled the magic of Oblivion, jumping to astounding heights and effectively turning Bethesda's latest RPG into a platformer's playground.

'Oblivion' High-Jumps Miraculously Reappear in Starfield Universe

It seems that galaxy-conquering warriors and alien-fighting cadets aren't the only class types excelling in Bethesda's new RPG, Starfield. Surprise, surprise! We have a gymnast among us! This time an old-school player has pulled a classic out of the hat, transforming Bethesda's new out-of-this-world epic into an Olympic-level gymnastics platform.

In an online spectacle that embraces its roots, the gymnast player has revived an archaic (but incredibly fun!) tradition straight out of the illustrious 'Oblivion.' This gravity-defying stunt had the original Oblivion fans catapult themselves to hyperbolic heights by bending some stats and tweaking a glitch or two. Talk about going above and beyond!

This retro tradition was revealed in a video posted to the Starfield subreddit. Here, our high-flying hero maxes out their gymnastics level and uses the notorious 'RedAmp', a special item that boosts jump height and adds an adrenaline rush to every step. The result? The protagonist can hop, skip, and jump to almost every surface in New Atlantis. Oh, and did I mention the video is perfectly edited with some nostalgic Oblivion tunes overlaid? Chef's kiss indeed!

To truly push the boundary of how high one can jump, our daring gymnast decided to take advantage of the lunar playground. Because, of course, leaping around on our dear old Moon (with its conveniently low gravity) is the natural next step! However, for those imagining a warped space-jump sending our athlete into the stars, I hate to burst your bubble. Modders, we need your gravity-defying wizardry here!

Reacting to this fantastic feat, one viewer commented, "Star Wars mods are really going to be insane" – well said. It's evident that our player has some Obi-Wan Kenobi vibes going with those vaults. Now just add in lightsabers, a few cool ninja flips, and we're ready for an interstellar Jedi fiesta. Why stick to Star Wars ships when you can action-pack the Starfield universe with space-ninja athleticism?

This blast from the past has us all reminiscing and hoping we might see even more of such challenges in future remasters of revered classics like Oblivion and Fallout. Until then, we can only hope the Starfield universe is ready for some more outer space Olympians!

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