A strategy from 'Dark Souls' turns glossy in Lies Of P, making players cheese it unapologetically. A slo-mo celebratory fist pump to Shot Put, everyone!

Lies of P’s Brie-zy Victory: Cheesy Strategy Triumphs

It's been a classic case of going from the frying pan into the... cheese fondue? Lies Of P, the beloved Pinocchio Soulslike, borrowed a tried-and-tested strategy from Dark Souls and made it cheesier than an extra-large slice of Stilton – to the point where it has become nigh on impossible for players to resist the churn.

Dark Souls had a strategy - a shortcut, if you will - through some of its tougher, more formidable sections. Collect a bunch of items, toss them at bosses like you're playing a glorified game of darts and voila, you'd see the enemy's health bar drop faster than your jaw. Granted, it was a bit on the lengthy side, and sometimes even as dreary as a six-hour long school recital, but hey, it got the job done.

But Lies Of P - being the cheeky monkey that it is - decided to take this strategy and blast it with a dairy spray nozzle. The result? A cheesy shower that players just can't resist. You'll find Pinnochios aplenty on the game’s subreddit, throwing in their memes about the tactic, while benevolently offering advice to beginners keen on getting an upper hand with these throwable items.

Here's where it gets a little bit nutty (or should we say 'gruyere-y'?): the Shot Put item deserves a standing ovation. This baby can stagger an enemy with a near-low bar instantaneously! As one card-carrying gamer gushed, “Shot put is ridiculously strong on strength builds. Three throws can wreak major damage and almost assure a full stagger.” The accolade chorus didn't stop there: “To me, Shot put is an ace as a consumable - the range and damage is insane, even on [New Game Plus].”

But wait, there's more! One player agreed wholeheartedly about the shot put's prowess and confessed to a hilarious fear: “With shot put being so good, I shudder to think what would happen if PvP were introduced... imagine two players hurling shot puts at each other, looking more like an angry version of a beach volleyball game!"

Turns out, you could make do without even resorting to the cheesy throwables. The game's developers, the sly foxes, went and nerfed a few bosses until they were as weak as kittens. If you played your cards right (and had the patience of a sloth), a rare late-game item could turn Pinoch into a powerhouse, making the game seem ridiculously easy. However, just remember, the Shot Puts will come in mighty handy for the spanking new Lies Of P DLC on the horizon.

So, here's a crisp tip of the hat to Lies Of P, coined as one of the best Soulslikes ever. Now that's a green-eggs-and-ham we'd really like FromSoftware to steal some notes from. They do say the cheese stands alone, but in this case, it may just have won the day!

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