Nintendo's new gaming boutique in Kyoto brings the playful world of Nintendo to life, with swanky displays and a distinct hometown vibe ready to open on October 17.

Nintendo Unveils Chic Kyoto Store Set To Go Nuts This Month

Have you ever seen a child get overly excited about a shiny new toy? Now, imagine millions of adult gamers feeling that exact same sensation. That's the kind of electric enthusiasm Nintendo just sparked by unveiling its spanking new store stationed in Kyoto. The plot thickens as the grand opening is right around the corner, set for October 17, 2023. Get your pixelated party hats ready, folks!

The graphical giants at Nintendo are planting their third gaming sanctuary in Japan, with the new hub set to park itself comfortably on the 7th floor of the Kyoto Takashimaya SC department store, joining the ranks of Nintendo Tokyo and Nintendo Osaka. A train of thought is making its way into our minds, and it's chugging along to the tune of 'one Nintendo store in every city, please!'

The Kyoto location will throw its shelves open to a treasure trove of Nintendo fun, with unique merch that would have even the most casual of Nintendo enthusiasts emptying their wallets. The decor is refreshing, modern, and subtly doused in Nintendo magic. The sight of a larger-than-life Mario casually poking out from a green pipe screams pure Nintendo and is sure to leave visitors starry-eyed and grinning like a Chesire cat.

Nintendo's decision to nest a new branch in Kyoto, which just so happens to be their very own home turf, earns them a gold star too. While the public can't march straight into Nintendo's HQ (no matter how much we might want to), this thrilling store experience will surely be the next best gaming getaway. All you have to do is start saving up for the plane tickets. Yes, it’s the ultimate gaming pilgrimage.

Nintendo unveiling their Kyoto establishment follows the recent announcement of spirited celebrations at Nintendo's New York Store for the Super Mario Bros. release. Meanwhile, the brand has also been causing a stir by cultivating a growth of chirpy Pikmin merch in Japan. Needless to say, Nintendo is on a roll! If this dreamland in Kyoto is anything like existing locations, fans are in for an immersive experience that's geeky, delightful, and so undeniably Nintendo.

So, what's the verdict, gamers? Sound off in the comments. Are you counting the days to the awesome Kyoto store's opening? Or are the current locations already stealing your heart (and your coins)? Either way, it seems like Nintendo's global takeover is in full force. And frankly, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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