A group of dedicated Super Mario Maker players aka "Team 0%" aim to conquer all remaining levels before the Wii U and 3DS online services meet a digital sunset in April 2024.

Super Mario Mania: Players Race to Beat Game Before Shutdown

Well, folks, the digital Doomsday Clock is ticking for those still playing on their faithful Wii U or 3DS consoles. With Nintendo pulling the plug on these gaming artifacts' online capabilities come April 2024, some games are bound to lose their online sparkle, and one game facing the brunt of this Nintendo net-neutering is the brick-bashing, fireball-flinging Super Mario Maker. Ah, yes, that bundle of joy has brought us a plethora of creative community-built levels since its Wii U launch in 2015.

But hey, don't start ringing the funeral bells just yet. A heroic group of gaming gladiators, solemnly named "Team 0%", is embarking on a quest of 8-bit proportions to vanquish every remaining level. According to Mario-maven TheRileyC, approximately 25,000 levels are still ripe for the Mario-stomping, koopa-busting, and power-up-grabbing fun as of October 9th, 2023. With the clock ticking impatiently, these guys aim to cross the finish line by beating every single level before the big Switch off (pardon the pun!).

Now, 25,000 might seem daunting, like climbing Mount Everest but with more goombas and fewer oxygen tanks. Yet, our intrepid Team 0% apparently smashed through 1,000 levels in a mere week post Nintendo's announcement. So, if you're feeling the nostalgia of your Mario days or just want to help a fellow gamer out, whip out that console and start bopping those bricks retro-style.

Now, let's switch gears a little. Feel like you could use some like-minded Mario Maneuvers? Look no further than the Team 0% Discord, where you can connect with other members of this audacious collective, share tips and tricks, and rally the troops for this grand adventure. Indeed, this feels like the virtual Viking funeral that Super Mario Maker truly deserves - a spectacular send-off filled with fanfare, fireworks, and hopefully less lava deaths.

So, are you planning to dust off that Wii U and join this epic race against time? Do you have any special tricks or secret weapons to help Team 0% accomplish this herculean task? Don't be shy, jump into the comments and share your thoughts.

And whether the Team reaches their goal or not, one thing is clear: the spirit of gaming camaraderie is alive and well. So whether you're a hardcore gamer or a casual player with a Mario-shaped spot in your heart, let's raise a toast (or a controller) to this admirable attempt to honour a beloved title of yesteryears! Anyway, stay tuned, and don't forget: the princess is always in another castle!

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