After notching up record streaming numbers, Suits creator Aaron Korsh is producing a new series related to the hit legal drama. The show is expected to introduce fresh characters and settings, emulating the style of NCIS and CSI franchises.

New Suits Series Underway by Creator Aaron Korsh

The creator of the popular TV drama Suits, Aaron Korsh, is reportedly developing a new series set in the dynamic and intriguing Suits universe. This development comes in the wake of the show's overwhelming success on various streaming platforms.

According to a recent report by Deadline, the forthcoming version is not planned as a spin-off of the original show but rather a "universe series" in line with other proliferating franchises such as NCIS and CSI. While these new series are known to introduce fresh characters and plotlines within a familiar setting, the new show from the Suits universe is expected to explore a new location altogether. However, the network that will feature the new series remains undecided.

The original Suits series, which ran on the USA Network, revolves around the life of Mike Ross, a brilliant but disenfranchised college dropout who finds himself entangled in a dubious drug deal. Harvey Specter, acknowledged as one of the finest legal practitioners in New York, hires Mike, setting the premise for the show. Other notable stars of the show include Gina Torres, Sarah Rafferty, Rick Hoffman, Abigail Spencer, Amanda Schull, and Meghan Markle.

The first eight seasons of this acclaimed legal drama, spanning from 2011 to 2019, became immediately popular when they were introduced to Netflix in June. The ninth season emerged as the most-watched show across all streaming platforms, breaking Nielsen's all-time streaming record previously held by Ozark.

Expressing his delight over the show's exceptional performance, Korsh acknowledged, "I always thought we were underestimated, but it turns out, even I underestimated Suits." His statement underscores how the renewed interest in the show has surpassed everyone's expectations.

When the series came to a conclusion with the spin-off series Pearson in 2019, it had already amassed streaming minutes in the billions. Therefore, a revival of the franchise was something fans and industry insiders saw as inevitable.

As of now, Suits is available for streaming on Netflix and Peacock. With the companionship of well-established characters like Harvey and Mike, fans of the show are eagerly waiting to welcome the new characters and narratives waiting to unfold in the fresh series set in the Suits universe.

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