Basketball video game from 90s holds new discovery - two previously unknown characters, one being Tim Kitzrow, the iconic game announcer.

Unseen Characters Found in NBA Jam Tournament Edition Game

Longtime fans and gamers believed they had discovered all the easter eggs and secret elements in the NBA Jam Tournament Edition game after its 28-year-old lifespan, yet a recent find has unveiled hidden gems that have left even the staunchest game enthusiasts in awe. This fascinating discovery was made in the game's Sega Saturn version, and it has once again sparked excitement in the gaming community that reveres this legendary basketball video game.

The honor of this remarkable find goes to a Saturn patcher by the name of Malenko, who shared his discovery through Sega Saturn Shiro. Within the game's dense layers of code, he unearthed two hidden characters that had remained unseen for years - a notable whopping 28.

These concealed characters are not ordinary ones, either. Gamers will be thrilled to know that one of them is a playable version of Tim Kitzrow, basketball fans' favorite audio companion and the charismatic announcer famed for his lively commentary in NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, and MLB Slugfest. The other new character unveiled is named "Fox". These hidden gems are believed to be exclusive to the NBA Jam Tournament Edition's Sega Saturn version and can be unlocked in the game by following a specific set of steps.

To play as Tim Kitzrow or Fox, gamers need to press the L and R keys simultaneously at the name entry screen. Then, they can enter the following: "Tim Kitzrow: KIT – June 8 Fox: FOX – Aug 3". Unbeknownst to many, including Tim Kitzrow himself, these characters have been lying in wait within the game for decades. Tim Kitzrow expressed his surprise on Twitter, claiming even he was unaware of his character's inclusion in the game. He then shared a post from the YouTuber PandaMoniumGR that reflected the ongoing allure of the NBA Jam game, illustrating how its history and secrets are continuously unraveling and offering gamers new aspects to discover.

In order to properly illustrate the discovery, this piece would be incomplete without taking a look at the process that revealed it, showcasing the task of decoding the game's secret through the following video: [YouTube Video Here]

Excited gamers and curious onlookers alike are eagerly trying out these newly discovered characters in the game. With this news, renewed interest and energy have been injected into the NBA Jam Tournament Edition community, proving once again that no matter how old a game might be, there's always potential for fresh discoveries and adventures, enriching the experience for longtime fans and new players alike.

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