Niantic announces a Halloween themed event for Monster Hunter Now, featuring limited time gear and a new monster variant, to celebrate the spooky season.

Monster Hunter Now Launches Spooky Halloween Event

Monster Hunter Now, a newly released augmented reality game developed by Pokemon Go creators Niantic, is set to introduce a Halloween-themed event. This much-anticipated event promises engaging activities filled with Jack-o-Lanterns, event-limited gear as well as the chance to hunt down a special variant of a well-known monster. The event, open to all Monster Hunter Now veterans and newbies alike, is set to add a spooky twist to the popular game's dynamics.

Monster Hunter Now takes its essence from the famed JRPG franchise. In this mobile adaptation, players can embark on exciting hunts for materials and monsters, translating the thrill and strategy of its console counterpart into the compact convenience of a mobile device. Players can then use their collected materials to craft superior gear, enabling them to tackle tougher monsters, enriching the gaming experience with each hunt.

This Halloween event carries forward this loop of hunting and crafting. However, enriching this fundamental mechanism are some interesting additions. As players walk around, keeping an eye on the map, they might stumble upon special Gathering Points, hosting Pumpkin Tickets. These tickets can be used to exchange for novel gear. In addition, players could also stumble upon a new rare variant of the monster Kut-Ku, seen unusually wielding a Jack-O-Lantern instead of his regular rock or egg. Successfully slaying this monster could also yield Pumpkin Tickets.

The novel gear up for grabs includes a special new Jack-o-Head helmet. This unique helmet proffers a skill that amplifies your attack power if your fellow Hunters also have the same skill equipped. Therefore, brace yourself to encounter numerous pumpkin-headed Hunters during your thrilling escapades. Alongside this, gamers can also access new premium packs in the store when the event commences. These packs offer a collection of Potions, Carving Knives, and similar items, available for purchase with real money.

The Monster Hunter Now Halloween event presents the first instance of event-limited gear in the game. So, players eager to incorporate the very first limited edition gear into their collections can join the event, starting on October 25th. With its festive and spooky twist, the event promises to deepen the immersive gaming experience and fuel the competitive Monster Hunter spirit.

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