Microsoft announces four free titles during Free Play Days for Xbox Game Pass Core and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate users, offering discounted prices post-weekend for select games.

Xbox Unveils Free Play Days Games for November 2-5

Continuing its tradition, Microsoft brings back Xbox Free Play Days yet again, this time with four exciting titles. The previous weekend’s promotion featuring just Fallout 76, a game already included with Game Pass Core & Ultimate, left players wanting more. So, Microsoft decided to offer a full roster for the coming weekend, from November 2nd through November 5th.

The four games open for play this time around are Deep Rock Galactic, Dragon Ball Fighterz, Dragon Ball: The Breakers, and Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2. Xbox users with Game Pass Core (previously known as Xbox Live Gold) or Game Pass Ultimate memberships are eligible to participate in this exciting Free Play Days promotion. The selected games are available for free from today until late on Sunday, November 5th.

Moreover, along with giving users free access, Microsoft also launched sales promotions for these games if users want to continue playing even after the weekend. Tech enthusiasts or anime fans can have access to Dragon Ball Fighterz and Dragon Ball: The Breakers at a discounted rate of 85% and 75% off respectively. In addition, the space strategy game Deep Rock Galactic is both heavily discounted and part of the standard Xbox Game Pass library, which expands the choices for players.

To download the games, users can simply search for them on the Xbox Store and click the "Install, Included with Gold" or "Free Trial" button. Once the installation is complete, players can immediately start their gaming journey!

Microsoft has always shown interest in engaging its audience with such unique initiatives focused on empowering users with different choices of games. It's a way that enables players to explore and experience several genres without having to commit to purchasing a full-priced game.

In a world of increasing gaming options, Xbox’s Free Play Days stands as a distinctive player-centred solution that continually evolves with users' changing tastes and preferences. It’s indeed exciting to see what games will be lined up for the next weekend!

On a side note, Microsoft’s continuous efforts in bolstering its gaming roster with a diverse set of games responds to the rising demand from its gaming community. The wide array of games available on Xbox caters to different users' preferences, making it an inclusive space where every player can find games that resonate with their unique interests.

That said, don’t miss this opportunity to try out these games over the weekend! Xbox Free Play Days is an excellent initiative by Microsoft that invites players to experience a range of games for free, promoting not only entertainment but diverse gameplay – keep tuned for more gaming opportunities and the chance to discover your next favourite game!

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