Game creator and movie producer, Scott Cawthon, shares experiences and heartfelt thank you to fans after Five Nights At Freddy's film breaks Halloween box office records.

Five Nights At Freddy's: Creator's Wholesome Reaction to Movie's Success

One of the monumental victories of Halloween was the astounding success of the Five Nights at Freddy’s movie at the box office. This success has been tastefully celebrated and acknowledged by the man behind the phenomenon, the game's creator and the movie's producer, Scott Cawthon. Demonstrating a level of humility and wholesomeness that is warmly endearing, he took to Reddit to share his experiences and appreciation.

Five Nights at Freddy's, a popular game worldwide, transformed into a box office giant over Halloween, shattering several records. The movie's warm acceptance by fans led to Scott Cawthon attending various showings incognito, soaking in audience reactions firsthand. Amusingly, he managed to remain unrecognized throughout all his theater encounters.

On his Reddit thread, Cawthon unveiled his opening weekend adventures. Disguised as an ordinary movie-goer, he saw the movie four times. The experiences, while differing from one another, each added a unique layer to his overall view of the film's reception. In one instance, a fan dressed as Toy Chica came close to identifying him before being dissuaded by her boyfriend, who amusingly claimed Cawthon was far too old to be himself. On another occasion, the whole theater, packed to capacity, erupted in enthusiastic cheers and applause, a moment Cawthon described as "a lot of fun."

However, the highlight of his experience was a Saturday evening show. Sporting a Security Breach t-shirt, he ended up standing in line behind a young female fan wearing a Freddy hat. When this fan turned around and complimented his t-shirt, the moment stuck with him, making his night even more memorable.

Cawthon's Reddit journey culminated with a poignant thank you to fans for their overwhelming support and the film's success. He graciously acknowledged the criticisms pointed out by fans and critics alike. Despite the film earning a meager 29% on Rotten Tomatoes, the fan reactions were overwhelmingly positive, a feedback Cawthon calls "beyond my wildest dreams."

He assures fans that he's not just "all ears" but also highly attentive to their feedback, promising to absorb both the compliments and critiques from the audience. His humility exceeds his status as a celebrated creator, as he mentioned, "I do read the comments and critiques, so while I'm glad most people had a great time at the movies, I'm definitely paying attention, and I wanted you all to know that."

As fans continue to delve into the Five Nights at Freddy's movie adaptation, we're excited to see what theories spark about Sparky’s introduction, potential easter eggs, cameos, and, last but not least, the dissection of the post-credit scene. The enjoyment doesn't stop at the conclusion of the film, as discussions are already underway with director Emma Tammi about ratings and producer Jason Blum about Cawthon's reaction to the completed movie. The pair also share fascinating insights into how they brought the legendary animatronics to life on the big screen. The saga of Five Nights at Freddy's, it seems, has merely just begun.

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