The Haunting, a Halloween-themed limited-time event, spices up gameplay in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone with new modes, skins, and bug fixes.

Call of Duty Unleashes Halloween Thrills in Modern Warfare 2, Warzone

In a delightful treat for Halloween, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone is launching 'The Haunting', a limited-time event, starting on this year's 17th of October. This free content update is expected to add an element of horror-filled fun to the gameplay, winning the hearts of ardent Call of Duty fans awaiting some Halloween excitement.

As part of its mid-season refresh, The Haunting introduces a series of new game modes, significant balances to the weaponry, and an assortment of bug fixes to improve the overall gaming experience. Among the new modes is Operation Nightmare, offering a nighttime version of the Al Mazrah map in the DMZ and Battle Royale, enchantingly spruced up with elements of surprise meant for the Halloween season.

The Zombie Royale mode is going to give fallen soldiers a chilling spin, sending them to feast on the living rather than sending them off to the Gulag. The Vondel Resurgence map has been redressed, drawing inspiration from Diablo 4 for its Vondead mode. In this mode, characters like Lillith and The Butcher will be making their eerie appearances.

On the bright side for fans who relish character skins, Skeletor and Ash Williams skins will be making their debut. The Haunting event seems to promise a fun and enjoyable time investment, especially for those who have been waiting for these character avatars.

Just as Halloween marks the end of a season, The Haunting is going to serve a similar purpose. It signifies the last hurrah for the Al Mazrah map, in anticipation of the launching of Modern Warfare 3 on the 10th of November. This latest installment brings the new Warzone setting of Urzikstan, offering a fresh battlefield for players.

Discussing the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3 and the event The Haunting is already stirring buzz among the Call of Duty community. Fans are eager to dive head-first into The Haunting to experience the chills and thrills of the Halloween-themed event. With the launch of Modern Warfare 3 right around the corner, excitement levels are rising.

The gaming world is keenly watching the events unfolding around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone. Halloween is right at the doorstep, and it is about to be welcomed with thrilling frights, fun, and games, all thanks to The Haunting. To all Call of Duty fans - Happy Haunting!

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