The strategy game Kingdom Eighties, from Raw Fury's now-prolific series, teleports players to a pixel realm reminiscent of the 1980s upon its release on PS5.

Kingdom Eighties Strategy Game Debuts on PlayStation 5

Welcome to the nostalgic expedition with the debut of Raw Fury's latest offering, Kingdom Eighties, on PlayStation 5. Gaming enthusiasts can now step back in time as they dive into this standalone strategy game, brought to life with an 80s aesthetic pixel charm.

Kingdom Eighties offers an immersive theater of strategic gameplay within a 2D environment. This game forms part of the prolific Kingdom franchise by Raw Fury, which usually circles around playing the role of a monarch. However, with Kingdom Eighties, players take on the persona of a camp counselor identified as the Leader. With an onus to rescue the town from the precipice of disaster, the Leader must band together a squad comprising friends like the Champ, the Tinkerer, and the Wiz.

The experience of Kingdom Eighties goes beyond the usual, offering an enhanced insight into the franchise’s universe. It builds on well-established mechanics of the series, presenting an ideal starting point for new players, all wrapped up in a retro appeal. In this engaging journey, you will scout through previously unseen urban locations in the series, hunt down skateboards at the parks, comb through the shops on Main Street, and liberate New Lands Mall from the grasp of the Greed.

To enhance the gaming experience, Kingdom Eighties features a unique mode called 'Survival Mixtapes.' This exciting feature propels the heartbeat as gamers strive to defeat perpetually looming waves of the Greed to earn a crown. The question is, how many days can you withstand the onslaught?

Kingdom Eighties has been designed to trigger nostalgia, presenting an exquisite cocktail of pixel-art magic and the vivid feel of the '80s. The atmosphere of the game is brought to life with an original synth-wave soundtrack from Andreas Hald, transporting gamers back to the vibrant and dynamic summer days of bike rides and summer camps.

Suffice to say, Kingdom Eighties is a potent mix of strategic gameplay and crackling retro nostalgia. So, have you played any of Kingdom games yet? If so, what was your take? And does the modern setting of Kingdom Eighties appeal to you? Share your experiences and looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Whether you are a seasoned Kingdom games fan or getting ready to embark on your first ever Kingdom experience, get set for a thrilling adventure with Kingdom Eighties on PS5.

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