Asobimo Inc's latest project, Metria, announces its release on Android and iOS platforms. The 3D action RPG game reveals its trio of heroes and promises engaging action and visually stunning scenes.

Metria, 3D Action RPG Game, Set for Next Month Release

The anticipation for the release of Asobimo Inc's latest project, Metria, is building up as it officially unveils its release date set early next month. Dropping on both Android and iOS platforms, this 3D action RPG game has caught the attention of mobile game enthusiasts and critics alike.

Pre-registrations for Metria launched last month, sparking interest among potential players. Just a few days back, we were treated to a character trailer introducing the game's three main protagonists. These heroes add another layer of excitement to the already-thrilling game, setting the stage for a unique gaming experience.

The narrative of Metria comes from the creative minds that gave us Iruna Online, another popular online game. This quality storytelling, coupled with visually arresting renderings, teases to take players to an enthralling world centered on the themes of hope and sin. The game's 3D graphics and meticulous character movements aim to engulf players into a deeper connection with the unfolding narrative.

Metria doesn’t fall short when it comes to gameplay either. Progressing through real-time action battles fought in teams of three, players will witness the ease of its mechanics. Normal attacks, skills, and special moves can be executed with simple screen taps. The ability to switch out characters during attacks to create devastating combinations adds another engaging dimension to Metria.

Continuing to enhance the player's experience, the developers have plans to regularly update the game, ensuring fresh content for its patrons. The past four weeks have seen the game gathering over 100,000 pre-registrations. This influx of early supporters guarantees enticing rewards, with everyone earning 6,000 Star Stones for character and tarots rolling, in addition to a Book of Hermits to aid in level boosting.

Reaching the 200,000 pre-registrations mark promises an additional gift, an Exclusive Tarot Amidst Memory Blossoms. Gamers enticed by Metria's intriguing premise can pre-register using their preferred links. The game is free to play, although in-app purchases will be available. Look forward to its official release on November 7th.

For updated information, interested gamers can visit the official website. To connect with the gaming community and stay abreast of the latest developments, follow the X page. Indeed, Metria promises an enthralling gaming experience, offering a richly crafted world, a crisp storyline, and a gameplay that keeps players engrossed.

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