Playmaji reassures customers of shipping the outstanding pre-orders for Polymega, the all-in-one retro gaming system, in 2021. The manufacturer continues to innovate with upcoming releases.

Polymega Retro Gaming Units All Set to Ship, Assures Playmaji

Playmaji, the manufacturer of the all-inclusive classic gaming system, Polymega, has sent out reassurances that all outstanding pre-orders will be shipped by the end of this year. This news brings a sigh of relief to the many anxious customers who had been left uncertain about the arrival of their Polymega system.

First announced in 2017, Polymega has had a notably rocky journey to the market. With Polymega's pre-orders going live in 2018, Playmaji managed to dispatch a review unit in 2020. However, the production and the shipment process have struggled since then. The company confessed about a point where the production numbers were as meager as 50 units per month. The situation was exacerbated by the political unrest in Myanmar, where the units were being assembled, and the COVID-19 pandemic that slowed down the distribution and affected the company's capability to source components.

But the tension among the customers is likely to abate with Playmaji's recent statement - "We are on track to fulfill all the remaining pre-orders this year." Customers who've pre-ordered are now looking forward to getting their hands on this all-in-one retro gaming system sooner than later.

Besides committing to accomplishing the pending pre-orders, Playmaji also declared that it's all set to release its N64 Element Module for Polymega. This addition will further enhance the gaming experience by enabling users to play popular games like Super Mario 64, GoldenEye 007, and Mario Kart 64 on their machines.

However, the release window for the Polymega light gun, based on the Sinden Light Gun, is yet to be determined. Playmaji is yet to provide a clear timeline for this release.

On the software side of updates, the company has recently unveiled its plans regarding the Polymega app. This application allows users to tap into their vintage collections across an array of platforms through the Polymega XL subscription service. The company has also publicized the forthcoming Polymega Remix - a stripped-down version of the base system that connects directly to your PC and is priced at $149.

Not stopping just at hardware and software updates, Playmaji has announced a "strategic collaboration" with Atari as well. The partnership aims to work together on multiple "innovative retro hardware and software initiatives."

With all these developments in the pipeline, the company sure seems to be on a mission to offer the ultimate retro gaming experience. The gaming community is eagerly anticipating how these initiatives pan out, and how significantly they enhance the old-school gaming experience. In a nutshell, despite the previous setbacks, Playmaji appears to make strides in reshaping the retro gaming landscape, and customers can look forward to an exciting time ahead.

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